[UNCUT] VydeoGram Review & Unique ‘Fast Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

VydeoGram Review – Can VydeoGram REALLY Help You Dramatically Increase Video Views, Engagement and Viral Traffic With Catchy ‘Video Grams' That Take 2 Minutes to Create?


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Hey guys my name's Hanif and welcome to my Vydeo Gram review…

Nowadays, ‘sharing content' on social media can be a complete waste of time, because there's so much content floating around and people just don't have the time to pay attention to everything. And thats why its important to grab people's attention.

Whether you're sharing stuff on social media, creating Ads or doing anything else that requires people to ‘click' on something, its essential to grab attention.

Vydeo Gram promises to help you get higher CTRs, or click-through rates, and grab people's attention with catchy video grams which are basically animated images. These animated images are nothing new, but VydeoGram makes it easy to create them specifically for video marketing purposes.

Ok, now lets go ahead and jump right into the software to see how it works.

This is a desktop software, so once you download it and install it on your machine, here's the opening screen you'll see:


On this screen, you have to select the video file that you want to generate a videogram from. With the Pro version of the software, you can simply provide a Youtube url and VydeoGram will automatically download and use that Youtube video, even if its not your video.


Alright so after you select a video, the next step is to choose a ‘Start & End Time'. Since VydeoGram takes frames from the video, this start and end time lets you control what portion of the video the frames should come from. Then, you can select the length, or how long you want the gram to be.

In the Pro version of the software, the next step will be to enhance your videogram with a number of additional elements, shown in the screen below:


You can add text, CTA images, Play buttons, Tint filters and more. In the basic version of the software, you can only add Text.

Ok, so here's the screen for adding text:


As you can see, there's an option to change the font of the text, choosing different sizes, colors and borders, and you can even drag the text block around and place it anywhere you want on the videogram.

Now lets take a look at adding CTA Images, which is available in the Pro version:


They have a gallery that has hundreds of different images, or you can upload your own. For example, if you wanted to place an image of an arrow over your videogram, you can insert it easily and even make it ‘pulsate'.


Also available in the Pro version, there's an option to add a ‘Play' button over your videogram, enticing people to click and watch the video you're sharing. Again, they have an entire gallery full of Play buttons, and you can make these buttons ‘pulsate' to grab more attention.


To make your videos stand out even more, there's the option to apply color filters over the image, along with the transparency as well.

And lastly, the whole purpose of creating videograms is so people can see them, so the Pro version allows you to share it with 1 click across a dozen of the most popular social media platforms:


Basically, a videogram is an ‘animated image' that has cool effects, so its not static…

And the BIGGEST benefit of VydeoGram, by far, is that it lets you draw MUCH more attention to your videos, Ads and content…therefore increasing CTRS, boosting engagement and extending your traffic reach.

Drawbacks of Vydeo Gram
(What I Don't Like)

Look, its a great software overall, but its pretty basic. Don't expect this to be a world class image editing tool or even a sophisticated video creator, because its not.

You can't edit any videos and you certainly can't create marketing graphics from scratch. VydeoGram doesn't replace the need for a graphics editing software that you may use to create banners, headers, etc.

This is strictly a specialized tool for creating Videograms, which help you increase clicks and traffic.

But, in order to increase traffic, you need some ‘seed' traffic in the first place. If your social media properties and webpages receive ZERO traffic, than VydeoGram will generate ZERO traffic. Also, the quality of your traffic and the types of offers you promote will ultimately decide how much money you make. No ‘catchy' videogram will generate revenue for you automatically.









Along with my VydeoGram Review, I'm also including some interesting video marketing news articles below:

Brand Awareness And Video Carousels Bidding Highlight Facebook Ad Additions

There will soon be many different Facebook advertisements that will be available, rolled out for everyone to use. This will include what is called the video carousels, and also a brand-new type of bidding which will make it easier in order to set up ads. Let's take a look at what the video carousel ads will provide advertisers, and how it will actually improve their overall ROI. We will then look at Brand Awareness Optimization, Mobile Polling Improvements, and also TRP Buying and how the new VydeoGram tool is helping video marketers achieve higher click-throughs.

An Overview Of Video Carousel Ads

One of the best features for advertising products is to offer them on a carousel, allowing different products that are related to the same niche to be shown. Facebook carousel ads have actually been one of the preferred methods for advertising, and soon there is going to be a video option that will play a role in increasing return on investment with these carousel ads. An example of this would be showing local ads, national spots, all within one ad unit. This will help the advertiser save money and also present more options for the visitor which can lead to a cell.

Brand Awareness Optimization

When people want to have an almost immediate response, they will do PPC advertising, direct response advertising, and even pay per view just to get that immediate response. A new type of bidding created by Facebook is called Brand Awareness Bidding. It allows you to promote your brand, and instead of purchasing clicks, or even using CPM advertising, it's all about bidding on your brand, a type of mind share purchasing that might work for you and VydeoGram members are able to enhance their brand awareness through engaging videos.

Why Brand Awareness Is Important On the Facebook

If you want to fully utilize Facebook for all that it offers, you need to consider brand awareness. Facebook is a social media platform that is designed to connect people with one another, and there is no better way to do this than by enhancing your own brand. The more people see your logo, your website, the products that you offer that may only be available through your particular company, you will build brand awareness very quickly as people share your information across the social networks, and this may also include the videos that you are using for advertising. Unlike traditional ads that are run with PPC, brand awareness really cannot be built. It is only through visual advertising that can be accomplished with images and especially video, that a relatively unknown business can skyrocket to notoriety as a result of the branding campaigns that are run.

Best Polling Improvements

Everyone understands that when you have a poll that people can take, it is very engaging. People like to express their opinion on a multitude of different issues, and by giving them this option, this can help you gather data on the things that they like, or are looking to buy, helping you to make more money. Mobile Polling Improvements will take place not only across but also Instagram. Very different from traditional advertising, it allows you to gather information on the people that you are marketing to, and also offer them something at the end of the poll and VydeoGram users are able to spread their message outside of Instagram.

TRP Buying

Target Rating Point buying is something that most people can handle, even on a small budget. This is something that is very similar to traditional television ad buying, with the exception that this is on Facebook, letting you purchase video ads in a similar format. The sample size campaign, say a 42, has been shown to help increase targeted visitors by almost 20%. It is something new, and depending upon the type of product or service that you offer, and the video that you use in the campaign, it could become very profitable.

These are just a few of the many releases that Facebook is making in order to help people generate more revenue. Of course, they are also going to benefit from more people trying out the new advertising strategies, but it is unlikely that placing ads will lead to anything but a more positive ROI. As with all types of advertising, the goal is more traffic, and the more traffic that you have that is targeted, the more likely it is that you will earn more cash with your company. Check out these different advertising options this year from Facebook and find out how it can improve your business.

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Twitter May Soon Lift Its 140 Characters Limit

When Twitter first arrived on the scene, nobody thought that it will become such a big phenomenon. With the rise of the social media behemoths such as Facebook, Twitter has retained its place as one of the biggest social media websites on the Internet. However, the company has been struggling after its IPO and how the VydeoGram software is changing the way marketers create their videos.

Its share price has been in doldrums and it has been struggling with leadership. Recently, the board removed the CEO again and has now settled on Jack Dorsey as a permanent CEO. As you are aware, Jack Dorsey is one of the cofounders of the social media website. One of the most unique things about Twitter is its limit of 140 characters for a tweet.

This limit was placed by Twitter in its initial days as this is the maximum number of characters that could sent as a text message in those times. However, with the proliferation of smart phones and Internet connectivity, the limit has lost its meaning as most of the people these days access Twitter through its mobile app or through the desktop app which means that the that there is no technical problem with the 140 character limit and VydeoGram users can use the expanded test to promote their video better.

Twitter has recently introduced a lot of new features to kickstart the user growth. One of the biggest problems faced by Twitter is that it is unable to grow its user base beyond a certain number. While other social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn have been growing the numbers at a fast pace, the user growth at Twitter has almost stalled at 300 million members.

This is the reason that the company had to ask the CEO to resign even though the company was regularly achieving its financial projections. The falling user growth is also the key reason behind its tumbling share price.

It has long been speculated that Twitter is going to remove its 140 character tweet limit but people who are familiar with the future plans of the company say that it is going to become a reality soon. While no one outside the company is aware of the look of the new product, it is said that Twitter users will now be able to publish long form content on the platform in some form.

The users are currently forced to share long form content on the website through images but there is currently no product that allows users to share text above the limit of 140 characters. While many people outside the company have been arguing that this arbitrary limit should be dropped, it has also been a serious topic of discussion internally for a number of years and VydeoGram users should also keep this in mind as well.

Now that the company has a permanent CEO again, it is expected to release several new products and this long form product can hopefully kickstart the user growth once again. Twitter has tinkered with its 140 character limit in a number of ways in the past. For instance, there is no limit on characters in private messages. Similarly, characters in the URL are not counted as part of the 140 character limit.

Twitter also recently removed this limit by allowing people to comment on tweets. It is said that the new CEO, Jack Dorsey, has always means supportive of this change. The new CEO has recently criticized some of the new product launches by the company and has clearly expressed the need for company to be in front of a more mainstream audience. One of the ways to get in front of many new users is to allow for longer tweets and turn Twitter into a mainstream publishing platform.

While Twitter users and publishers are excited with the prospect of sharing long form content on one of the biggest social media websites, it still remains to be seen whether the long form content is going to increase the number of users on Twitter. It will definitely encourage publishers to publish their content directly to Twitter but long form publishing on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook is not used by many users.

While it is heavily speculated, there is always a chance that Twitter may never introduce this product. The company has been introducing new products at a fast pace and getting rid of the character limit will definitely be interesting and should attract more users to the service.

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Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The VydeoGram:

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