Video Traffic X Review – Can The New Video Traffic X Software REALLY Help You Create ‘High-Converting' Videos AND Rank Them On Page 1 For Profitable Keywords In ‘Push-Button' Fashion?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of VideoTrafficX

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In addition to my Video Traffic X review, I've also adding some video marketing news articles:

Wistia Launches Video Marketing Platform Enterprise Plan For Large-Scale Businesses

One of the most popular video marketing platforms on the Internet is called Wistia, a relatively new company that allows anyone to upload videos to display them on the Internet. Although most people will use YouTube, which is free to use, this paid video platform allows you to keep all of the interest in the videos that you have done focused on your company. This is not possible with YouTube due to the recommendations that it makes after you watch a video. Recently, Wistia has decided to launch what is called an Enterprise Plan, something that is specifically designed for large scale businesses. They have recently lowered their prices to just $300 a month, offering not only the ability to upload videos with unlimited hosting, but also added video analytics. This platform also integrates with companies like Pardot and Marketo, making this a full service program. Fortunately, not only is this affordable for most businesses, but it offers so much more for companies that would like to present their videos without the YouTube platform. Let's take a look at what Wistia has to offer and why the Enterprise plan might be exactly what you need to make your business much more profitable and how the new Video Traffic X software is helping marketers rank videos on page 1 of Google.

Overview Of Wistia

The benefit of using this company over YouTube or any other free video hosting platform is that you have full control over the videos that you upload and how you direct your traffic. This company has been around since 2006, helping more than 200,000 businesses in 50 different countries. They also have a host of marketing tools for your videos, helping you to drive more traffic to them. So is it really worth the $300 a month for this new Enterprise Platform? It depends on how serious you are about your business.

The Benefits Of Using Wistia

The primary benefits of using this company for your video hosting include the ability to have full control, state-of-the-art analytics to understand where your traffic is coming from, and also the different tools that they provide you with which are comparable to, and in some ways much more impressive, then all of the tools available on YouTube. You are able to generate links for all of your videos which can be shared, and even if you are not ready for the Enterprise plan, you can still take advantage of their Basic and Pro offerings. Along with the video management tools that are already available, you also get access to a custom video player and unlimited client support. A complaint that many people have about YouTube and other free hosting solutions for your videos is that you will never be able to get any type of customer service. Wistia has one of the best customer service platforms, something that keeps their customers happy, and willing to pay the monthly fee because it makes your ability to upload and control your videos much easier, especially if you run into problems and Video Traffic X members will be able to create videos in just a few clicks.

Drawbacks Of Using Wistia

There are only two drawbacks to using this company, negative aspects that will only be negative if you are not a company devoted to creating top-of-the-line videos. The first drawback, and the most obvious one, is that it is not free. The second drawback is that indexing your videos so that they are found on Google and other search engines is not as easy simply because it is not YouTube. The reason that many people market with YouTube videos is because it is directly connected to Google and therefore will receive precedence over other videos in most cases. If your goal is to create hundreds of videos that can rank for multiple keywords, you might find it much easier to accomplish this with YouTube instead of Wistia. That being said, that does not mean that videos that you have hosted with this company are not going to be indexed at all. They provide you with quite a few features that will allow you to properly optimize your title, description, and tags so that they can easily be found and indexed.

Why You Should Use The Enterprise Plan

The main reason that you should consider using this new Enterprise Plan is because of all that it offers. It is designed for companies that are large in size, allowing them to streamline the process of managing and controlling the videos. It is very easy and fast to upload videos to this platform, and sharing links for the videos that you have created and uploaded is very easy. Additionally, it's integration with Hubspot also makes this a win-win scenario, helping you to drive more traffic. The customer service alone is why so many people stay with this company because problems can arise. Even if you have been using YouTube for many years, if you ever have a problem, you usually have to resolve this on your own. If you have a Enterprise Plan for your large-scale business, this will never be a problem. Customer service is always prompt, and the people on their team are highly skilled, allowing them to resolve any issue that you have in a prompt and courteous manner and Video Traffic X users can watch as their video rankings increase.

Wistia really is a game changer for those that are serious about marketing videos online. If you want to have the latest technology from the most advanced paid video hosting platform, you really cannot go wrong with any of their plans. The reason that the Enterprise Plan is highly recommended is because it takes you to the next level. All of the benefits that have been mentioned will be at your disposal, allowing you to easily build your business using videos hosted on the Wistia platforms. For companies that want to provide their customers, and potential customers, with state of the art videos that are on a platform apart from YouTube, Wistia is your answer to serving videos without recommendations to other videos that you do not own, helping you to increase your revenue using videos on Wistia instead.

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TrueView Adoption Usage May Increase With Latest Adwords And Video Ad Campaign Combo

A very popular form of video advertising that is utilized by those that have an AdWords account is using what are called TrueView campaigns. We have all seen them before, those short videos that play before the regular video, usually allowing us to skip the entire advertising video after five seconds has played. This has been a very inexpensive form of advertising for people that are privy to not only how to use it, but who also know where it is located in the AdWords UI. Although the platform is improve somewhat in recent years, it is about to make a very important upgrade. This is the ability to access your AdWords ads and TrueView ads in the same location. Instead of having to navigate to what is called the all video campaigns section, a place that most people do not know about, this major update will put both of these together. How is this going to change the landscape of advertising using TrueView videos? Let's look at whether or not this will be an improvement, and if this change will actually result in a higher cost for TrueView ads and how the new Video Traffic X software is changing the SEO landscape.

Overview Of Video Advertising Using AdWords

TrueView advertising from AdWords is actually not that hard to use. There are many fewer options that are available, allowing advertisers to present different types of ads in a couple different ways. For instance, the most common are those which have the five second countdown that allows you to skip the advertising video after five seconds has gone by. There are actually four different types of TrueView ads, and with this latest upgrade, putting everything in the same place, it will make it much easier for people that have difficulties navigating through the sometimes complex AdWords UI to easily place these video ads.

The Benefits Of This New Layout

One of the benefits to this new layout has already been mentioned. It is the ability to find all of the regular and video advertisements that you have done in one place. It also makes it easier to try the many different options for TrueView which include in-stream ads, in-slate ads, in-search ads and in-display ads. In-stream advertisements allow viewers to skip pre-roll ads after five seconds have gone by. The reason that people like to use this particular format is that advertisers are only charged if the video is seen in its entirety, or if 30 seconds passes by. In-slate ads are those that you see that are dispersed throughout the video content. Depending upon the video that the viewer will choose, the advertiser will be charged based upon that choice. In-search ads are the ones that you will see when you are searching on YouTube and when searching with keywords. You are charged once the video begins to play which begins after the potential customer clicks on the ad. The final types are called In-display ads which are called legacy formats, otherwise known as a video overlay and Video Traffic X members can launch their video ad campaigns faster.

These are the pop-up banners that you see at the base of the videos that you can either get rid of by clicking on the “x” or you can simply click on the add to see where it goes, at which point the advertiser will be charged. This is why TrueView In-Stream ads are so popular by comparison because you are not charged right away. You can actually put enough information in the first five seconds to prompt some interest in your brand, or your products, without being charged. Unfortunately, due to the fact that this will now be easier to use, the scarcity of these advertisement will soon disappear. More people than ever before, due to this new configuration, may start running these ads. As a result, the cost may increase at some point, something that will be detrimental to those that are benefiting from this cheap, and sometimes free, form of video advertising.

Why TrueView Campaigns Hurt CPC Ads

It is well-known that Facebook and Google make the most money from CPC advertising. Every time that someone clicks on an ad, they make money. As just discussed, TrueView In-stream ads are very popular because it is possible to have your video displayed for up to 30 seconds without being charged. Hopefully, especially for those that rely upon this type of advertising, they will still continue to honor the five second rule, as well as the 30 second rule for not charging the advertiser, allowing people to benefit from this almost free exposure for their products using these ads and Video Traffic X users will be able to combine paid traffic with organic traffic to maximize results.

Why Is Google Doing This?

The reason that Google is doing this, according to those that are speculating on why this abrupt change has occurred has to do with competition from Facebook. It is well-known that Facebook is slowly costing Google more money as more people use this social media platform to generate clicks. By making it easier for people to use TrueView In-stream ads, this will help advertiser save money. It is a very similar move to what Facebook did years ago when they got into advertising, offering some of the cheapest clicks in the industry. That has long since faded, making retargeting the only low-cost form of advertising available right now. Google may be capitalizing on this need for a cheaper form of traffic on their platform and TrueView In-stream ads definitely fit the bill.

Once everything has been set into place, we will know if this new configuration will actually help people return to Google once again. By giving them the option of utilizing TrueView ads to generate targeted visitors, it could be a very strong comeback, especially when people start using In-stream ads more often. Google has been plagued with problems, especially with the Google+ fiasco that was their attempt to compete with Facebook and its social media supremacy. This may be Google's attempts at getting something back, a great way to bring advertisers back to Google that have been away.

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