Can Social Kickstart REALLY Help You Drive Organic Traffic, Leads & Profits By ‘Automating' Your Fanpages and Boosting Viral Engagement?


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Hey guys, my name's Hanif and welcome to my Social Kickstart Review…

One of the biggest issues with growing your social media presence is the amount of work it takes…it really requires time, effort and patience to get traffic from Facebook. Paid Ads is the faster option but what if you want organic free traffic?

From finding popular content for your Fanpages, to creating cool splash images and scheduling/posting content…it can feel like a full-time job.

Social Kickstart promises to solve this problem by helping you find popular content that is already going viral, and then managing and publishing that content with automation. It also has other features such as an Ad Image Builder and retargeting tool to help you squeeze out more results from each campaign.

So lets go ahead and do a quick walkthrough of Social Kickstart and how it works…

Social Kickstart 1

First of all, you login to your web based dashboard to access Social Kickstart. So there's nothing to download, which means you can access it from any computer and any location. Once you login, you'll see all your Campaigns, which are basically your Fanpages.

Then, you click on the ‘Create Campaign' button on your top right, and choose one of the Fanpages or Groups that in your main Facebook account.

Social Kickstart 2

Simply choose a Page/Group and click on the blue Create Campaign button.

Social Kickstart 3

One of the time saving features of Social Kickstart is the ability to do a ‘Quick Post'. ┬áSo right from your main dashboard screen, you'll always see an option for doing a ‘Quick Post' on the top. When you click Quick Post, a screen loads up where you can insert your Title, Hyperlink and Message…and then choose a time/day you want the post to go live.

This is a simple way to quickly get a post up. And your posts will go live on LinkedIn and Twitter as well, helping you build up a broader social media presence outside of Facebook. After all, Twitter and LinkedIN are growing networks with real traffic and users, so this only helps increase the traffic you can get.

Social Kickstart 4

Alright so once you got your campaign setup, now you can click the ‘Find Content' button to search for popular, viral content based on keywords.

Social Kickstart can pull content from Facebook Pages, Groups, Memes, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Tumblr to fill your social media profiles with.

Social Kickstart 5

So lets say that you're searching for other people's Facebook pages that you can pull content from. Social Kickstart will pull up all the posts it can find related to a keyword, and then you can sort by Likes, Comments, Shares, etc…

So you can choose content that already has a lot of Likes or Comments. Usually, Posts that have a lot of Comments have a lot of engagement. You can then republish/schedule these posts on your OWN Fanpages with a few clicks.

The nice thing is, you can also edit the posts, change the image, change some of the content before you post on your Fanpage, so the content is not entirely duplicate. This is a helpful feature to avoid any issues you may have with reposting duplicate content. Making a few small changes can go a long way in getting you better results.

Social Kickstart 6

In addition to finding other people's posts that are popular, you can also get content from Youtube, Pinterest and even Instagram.

Instagram is an up and coming social mobile service that has tons of activity, so reposting images from Instagram is a great way to boost the engagement on your Fanpages.

Again, simple type in your keyword and Social Kickstart will find all the content available on Instagram. You can then sort by popularity to easily find the hottest Instagram posts in your niche…and then publish them on your own Fanpages.

Social Kickstart 7

Ok so what if you want to see how much reach your Posts are getting? Social Kickstart has a ‘Fanpage Post Summary' area that shows you ALL your posts, which you can sort by Post Reach, Likes, Shares and more. This shows you exactly whats working and what type of content is getting you the most engagement.

Social Kickstart 8

Social media campaigns are useless unless you can make money with them. So this software has a built-in tool for doing Teespring Research. Put in your keyword, see all the T-shirts that are actively selling in your niche, and sort by the # sold. This gives you an instant view of the most popular designs that you can use to monetize your Fanpages.

Social Kickstart 9

One of the hottest ways to increase ROI is through retargeting. With Social Kickstart, you can easily create retargeting urls that will automatically pixel people and add them to a retargeting audience list.

Basically, you can easily create retargeting audiences without needing to install code on your landing pages. This is a much faster way to build an audience.

Social Kickstart 10

Perhaps you wanna run some paid Facebook Ad campaigns to get that initial traffic and fans. Under Tools > Ad Maker, this software will give you tons of templates to choose from, and the ability to easily edit those templates.

Social Kickstart 11

Its basically a simple image editor where you can edit text, change the background, create shadow effects and many other cool image effects easily.

Social Kickstart 12

Their Ad Maker tool also comes with an image/icon library, from badges, buttons, icons and even t-shirts, your Ads can be totally unique.

So, not only do you have proven Ad Templates to work with, but you also have an image library to make your Ads stand out and get higher click-thrus.

Alright, so thats basically Social Kickstart in a nutshell. It helps you…

– Find popular, viral content from multiple sources
– Publish and Schedule that content weeks/months in advance
– Easily manage all your Fanpages and posts from one dashboard
– Create retargeting audiences
– Create high CTR Facebook Ads.

The BIGGEST benefit of Social Kickstart, by far, is that you can launch multiple social media campaigns, build your fanbase, and engage your fanbase to get viral traffic with 90% automation.

Drawbacks of Social Kickstart
(What I Don't Like)

First of all, this tool doesn't post to G+. I really wish it posted to G+, that would make it killer! Right now it posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and hopefull they add G+ support in the future.

Secondly, the content it finds is ‘existing' content that exists on other platforms. You can reuse most of this content for your Fanpages, but occassionally its a good idea to also post unique content on your Pages that no one else has.

Also, keep in mind that when ‘reposting' other people's Fanpage posts, you should always tweak and edit the posts a bit to make them more unique.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that Social Kickstart is a tool to build engagement on social media. Its not designed to help you make money directly. You need some Fans on your page, and you need some initial traffic to build those fans. By itself, Social Kickstart will not magically get you visitors if your Fanpage has zero fans.

You may need to run a small paid Facebook Ad campaign to truly ‘kickstart' your Pages and get those intial fans/traffic.

So, to help solve some of these issues and add value, I've created an exclusive bonus called ‘The Social Kickstart Fast Profit Academy'.

Inside this Academy, I give you the exact tips, tools and done-for-you services you need to find cashcow niches and offers that bring in fast profits…and I also show you how to get targeted buyer traffic from multiple sources – both free and dirt cheap – so you can scale your business to a much higher level.










Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of Social Kickstart:

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