Moon Pixlar Review – Can Moon Pixlar Help You Quickly Create ‘High Converting' Marketing Images Using Pre-Designed Templates with Drag'n'Drop Simplicity?

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Hey guys Hanif here and welcome to my Moon Pixlar review…

Now when it comes to designing graphics, it can be a real pain because most software tools like Photoshop have a deep learning curve. Not to mention they're also expensive.

Recently, many new tools have come out that simplify the design process but what they lack is templates and images. They're easy to use but without a lot of different templates and images, you're still kinda stuck with being creative.

So, MoonPixlar aims to solve this problem by not only being an easy-to-use graphics tool, but also containing tons of different templates in many different categories…making it easier to design high converting graphics quicker.

Lets go ahead and jump right into a quick example of how Moon Pixlar works…


When you first log in to Moon Pixlar, you'll have a web based dashboard to manage your graphics. There's no software to download or install, its all cloud based.

You can choose from different categories, such as Social Media, Ad Images, Website Headers, Custom Graphics, Logos, and more. With these categories, you can simple choose the type of graphic you're creating and have tons of templates to pick from. There are even Logo and business card templates to choose from.


Alright so once you choose a category, there are several templates for that category. So lets say you chose Social Media graphics, now you'll have many pre-designed templates on your left hand side that you can select.

Once you select a template, it loads up and you can click on any element and modify it in a drap'n'drop interface. Its really easy to use.


For example, you can click on any text you see, and change the words, colors and fonts with a couple of clicks.


Its also possible to change the colors of the individual elements, whether they are circles, shapes or objects. With 1 click its possible to change the colors easily.


In addition to templates, there are also tons of Shapes and Images to choose from. Things like arrows, basic shapes, banners, buttons, dividers, objects, icons and much more. Purchasing all of these things separately can cost a lot from independent websites, but with Moon Pixlar they come built in.

Also, each image and shape inside of MoonPixlar can be further customized, so you can click it and change the color, make it smaller or larger, and add cool effects.


Lastly, there are backgrounds to choose from. Simple colored ones, textured ones and even high quality photo backgrounds.

When you combine the pre-designed templates with the shapes, images and backgrounds they provide, there are literally thousands of combinations you can create easily…making your graphics unique.

Alright so thats Moon Pixlar in a nutshell.

The BIGGEST benefit of this software, by far, is that it contains ‘high converting' templates that you can easily and quickly modify, to create marketing graphics that can enhance your sales & engagement.

Drawbacks of Moon Pixlar
(What I Don't Like)

Now this is a solid software for marketers, especially people crunched on time and with limited skills…

But it doesn't fully replace Photoshop if you're an advanced designer. It has a simple feature set and thats why its also inexpensive. The goal with MoonPixlar is to simplify things while giving you high quality templates to customize. Its not a world-class image editing tool.

Also, being web based it does require a healthy internet connection, so it could be slow at times if your internet is spotty.

Lastly, keep in mind that graphics by themselves grab attention, but they won't increase conversions and earnings unless your offer is solid. You can make your webpages and Ads as fancy as you want, but MoonPixlar won't help you make a Dime unless you have the right offer for a targeted audience.

Ok, so to help solve some of these issues and add value, I've created an exclusive bonus called ‘The MoonPixlar Fast Profits' Academy.

Inside this Academy, I give you the exact tips, training, software tools and even ‘Done for You' services provided by my marketing agency to help you get targeted buyer traffic from multiple sources, and to help you convert that traffic into leads and sales.









In addition to my Moon Pixlar review, I've also adding some social media marketing news articles below:

Pinterest And Topshop Reveal Pinterest Palettes For Fashion Week Shoppers And Fans

For people that are avid Pinterest users, you are likely addicted to not only the different memes but the many products that are available for sale. There has been a recent integration on this social platform that allows retailers, specifically those that deal with fashion, to help their users browse based upon what they call color DNA. Since Pinterest allowed developers to integrate websites, as well as applications, utilizing the social discovery network, with the launch of IFTTT and the apparel site Polyvore, great changes are about to occur and how Moon Pixlar is changing the way we do image marketing.

Fashion Matters On Pinterest

Much of the reason for the popularity of Pinterest is the many raving fans of different types of fashion on the web. Leveraging the popularity of this particular niche, the company has announced a new platform integration. According to their statistics, more than 24 million fashion ideas are stored every day by Pinterest users, and this latest integration, beginning at the end of the New York fashion week, is called Pinterest Palettes. These will be delivered from an accessory and clothing retailer by the name of Topshop, a company that will allow customers to go to this e-commerce site, specifically using color schemes based upon the Pins that they have saved. Once the Pinterest user has logged into Topshop, via their Pinterest credentials, they will be presented with the color DNA palette options.

How This Works

Each Pinterest Palette strip will be generated based upon the dominant color that is found in the Pins of each person, and then there will be other colors in the group which will be saved to a specific board. They can also be saved to the full account of the Pinterest user, and there are actually more than 16 million colors possible. The benefit of doing this is by targeting what colors people like, especially in regard to fashion, this will help deliver more accurate results for those shopping for apparel. If you have ever been to a store such as Amazon, you are often searching for great deals, or you admire the images that you find, but there is no technology until now that could help you find what you want in fashion based upon your color preference and Moon Pixlar members can add any colors they want with a push of a button.

This may turn out to be something that is very profitable for Pinterest, and the companies that are involved. It may cost them a significant amount of money to implement this type of technology, and its success remains to be seen. It may end up becoming a very profitable venture, one that can actually help all of the Pinterest users find the fashion and assessing the items that they need. At the very least, it's a great way to branch out, allowing technology to help you find the things that you want to buy, courtesy of Pinterest and Topshop and their ability to provide top-notch technology that can make it so much easier for people on their computer, or their smart phone, to find the items that they want to buy.

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The Role Of Fathers Being Assessed On FaceBook

Brands and marketing companies are always in search of new angles to work with as that is the only way to drive in more conversions. This is a big part of the process and there is a lot of analytics that go into this to ensure they are targeting properly. One of the aspects that is being looked at would be dads and the role they have to play in purchases that are made. Studies are showing they have quite a role to play in the decision that is made at the end of the process and how the new Moon Pixlar app is enhancing image marketing.


The ages that are going to be targeted would have to be dads who are aged 25-40. These are the ages that are going to make sure the dad has a child that has not left home and is still being taken care of. It is also going to put them in their prime earning years as parents.

It is the perfect combination to take advantage of all the spending money they have in hand that is going to be spent on products being put in front of them on a regular basis. This is the value that is out there.

Dive Into Interests Dads Would Have

Dads are going to have their own interests whether it has to do with sports or something else. They are going to want to focus on those aspects and brands that are able to target to these needs are the ones who are going to see the most success and Moon Pixlar users will be able to quickly edit any image and add their own marketing twist.

Of course, it does help to have a product and/or service that connects to this interest directly, but that does not always have to be the case. The connections can be made in an indirect manner as well if required.

Idea Is To Create Layers

FaceBook targeting is fantastic because you are able to create layers within the setup. This means you can make sure you are not only targeting dads but different types of dads and their own interests. This is hard to find with any other system and is why most people want to go down this path when it comes to advertising. It just makes a lot of sense and is going to drive in the results that you are on the look out for as a whole. Those who realize this are the ones who are going to progress and see results.

FaceBook has made it easier than ever before to dive headfirst into targeting properly. Those who are not targeting properly are the ones who are missing out. There is incredible potential on offer for those who make the most of this and there are a lot of people who don't do this. Fathers are going to be having a great role to play in purchases for a long time and that has to be tapped into as much as possible. Brands and marketing companies who understand this are the ones who are going to prosper as time goes on.

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Tips on the Data-Driven Art of Digital Marketing

Even though marketing was considered a black art in the past, innovation and technology has made it quantifiable and less invincible. No wonder that businesses are using data analytics in making and driving marketing decisions. Data has become an important factor in digital marketing since it can be relied on to make informed decision. There are many companies that use data to run metrics and analytics meant to help them optimize each campaign and how the Moon Pixlar tool will allow marketers to customize any image.

Multiple Devices

Digital markets are relying on a multiple of devices to measure the cross device attribution that helps them to formulate strategies that target a given group of people. The devices help marketers to work with external companies to achieve this.

Important Metrics


This refers to the return on any amount of money spend on an ad. It is the most important metric that is open to varying artistic interpretation. It is possible for one to calculate return on ads and use the information to make a decision. It is true that different campaigns will always perform differently during each stage of a consumer’s purchase journey and Moon Pixlar members will be able to display targeted images to each customer segment.

Dynamic Creative

Any meaningful programmatic campaigns today must utilize huge amounts of data and sophisticated algorithms to help decide whether a specified ad will deliver on not. Marketers use the available data to customize ads, customize the message and create a personalized marketing experience that can lead to better results.

Click Through Rate- CTR

Even though relying on click through rate is not recommended, it can nevertheless help you make up your mind on whether to scale down the campaigns or increase the tempo. It is also true that some consumers may take a half an hour to make a buying decision while others may take a month or two before making such a decision. In this case, data can be used to help tailor the ads and the kind of messages to be included in the ads. You need some art to help you measure and analyze the performance before making any helpful decision and Moon Pixlar users will be able to quickly edit the art and display in a manner that draws attention.

The modern marketer has become extremely creative but requires relevant data for him to succeed. The fact that this is a data rich era means that creativity without data can be beautiful but may not be effective. In addition, knowing the current success, challenges can help us optimize our creative in future.

Maintaining Time Line and Relevance

When the marketer looks at data, he will be able to see purchase behavior, resonance and content consumption trends. When this data is used and matched with real time trends available on the social media, it can put the marketer in a better position to make decisions.

Generally, data allows the marketer to develop a creative theme and communication that is easier to adapt and implement so as to address marketing concerns and Moon Pixlar members can split test different images to see which one gets better results.

Taking a honest look at what the customers are consuming, knowing where the audience is and using a tone that they want to hear can be used to come up with relevant content creation teams and make informed creative marketing decisions.

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Facebook & Twitter Have Seen Huge Increases In Display Revenue, While Google And Yahoo Are Struggling Behind

In a shocking turn of events, it seems the display advertising market is starting to change dramatically – with Facebook and Twitter being set to take to lead from the previous domination of Yahoo and Google. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at this interesting turnaround, and speculate on some of the reasons why this has happened and how the Moon Pixlar app is changing how markers edit and customize their images.

To start with, Twitter and Facebook have been seeing some incredible growth over recent years, and it seems like there’s no sign they’ll be slowing down any time soon. Facebook in particular has been crushing it, with astonishing revenue increases that are predicted to rise as high as 10 billion dollars in 2017, while by comparison Google is expected to only hit 4 billion.

Thanks to the global reach and incredible user engagement that Facebook provides, it’s no surprise to see their popularity continue to grow. While Twitter pales in comparison to the growth rate and ad revenue generated by Facebook, it’s still taking advantage of the main reason why this turnaround is occurring – and that’s because the internet has gone ‘Social ‘with a capital S and how Moon Pixlar members can produce viral images.

While Google saw total domination throughout the last decade, their main product to drive revenue still comes down to Google search and Google Adsense programs. But these days, a greater majority of people are turning to the web to maintain their social circle and interact with other people, rather than solely look for information.

Of course, the internet was first built as an information exchange which is why Google saw such incredible success,, but as the speed and connectivity of internet technology has improved, this is no longer the case.

This means that people turn to their Twitter and Facebook accounts on a regular basis with the aim to interact with their friends and family – so it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of advertisers who are willing to pay top dollar to access potential customers via these mediums and Moon Pixlar users will be able to attract these customers with targeted images.

What’s more, it doesn’t hurt that Facebook and Twitter are very appealing to the younger generation, who by and large have the most surplus cash to spend. This is the dream of any marketer, so it’s worth trying to access these people if you have a product or service to sell. Additionally, the affordable advertising programs by Twitter and Facebook allow even small business owners to make a good return on their investment.

Because of these fundamental changes in the way people are using the internet, there seems to be no end in sight for the growth of these social platforms – and unless a similar service crops up over the next few years to offer them real competition, it’s unlikely their growth will slow down any time soon.

While Google have tried to compete directly in the social platform market with Google + 1, the reality is this platform has barely scratched the surface compared to the market penetration that Facebook enjoys. So don’t be surprised if we see Google’s advertising revenue balance out, or even decline, as Facebook and Twitter march on towards the complete and total domination of the online display advertising market.

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