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Along with my AllAppPress Review, I'm also including some interesting mobile marketing news articles below:

Google Earns $12 Billion From Mobile Search Revenue Plus 75% From iOS

In a recent report, it has been shown that Google had about $12 billion in mobile search revenue. Most of this money came from iOS, roughly 75%. Currently Apple users are somewhat critical, but with the Safari search deal in association with Goldman Sachs has reported that while this is not exactly shocking, it is actually very confusing due to how many Android phones are on the market. A copy of the report from Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times states that $8.8 billion of this revenue came from Apple devices, with only 4.4 billion from anything related to Google. Although Google has reported making about $60 billion in advertising revenue in the year 2014, only 20% of that revenue was from mobile search ads. Despite having 50% of its traffic come from mobile users, there seems to be a discrepancy between those that see the advertisements and the amount of money that is earned and how the new AllAppPress software is allowing website owners to quickly create mobile apps.

Further Assessments Of Goldman Sachs.

A further assessment of what seems to be a great controversy is that, based upon analyzing what are considered to be Google's major distribution deals, Apple actually earns about 3 billion of that 4.4 billion in TAC, something that cuts into Google's profits even more. All of this information comes from a multitude of data sources, and they also discovered that the default bar is where most of the search queries actually originated. Although this information seems to paint a picture that is not very bright for Google in terms of making a profit, Goldman Sachs actually sees this as a positive outcome, as long as they do not renew their deal with Apple. In 2015, 58% of this revenue was generated from desktop users, while only 23% came from mobile. It is thought that in 2016, this will continue to narrow with four more percent of the ad revenue originating from mobile users.

Problems With Goldman Sachs Estimates

The main problem that many people have with this latest information from Goldman Sachs is that it's hard to determine where they are getting this information. The estimate seems exact, but the source for the info necessary to come up with these numbers is not well explained. Therefore, the figures that they are presenting may not be exact, and may also not be representative of the true numbers of traffic and revenue. That being said, it is possible that the Android users are actually searching more often, and generating more revenue for Google, then is currently being reported and AllAppPress members are able to expand their reach with optimized apps.

Why Is There Such A Variation

What this report seems to indicate is that, for an unknown reason, despite having the traffic, the conversions of mobile users into buyers is simply not there. Could it be that the applications that are being used by the Android phones are not as user-friendly, causing people to back out of purchases before they are complete? We know that many companies are working toward making it easier for customers to purchase products. Currently, Facebook has a deal with Shopify in order to make it possible for information to be automatically entered in, making every purchase as simple as to taps on the screen. The same is true for Twitter, who recently came out with a similar system for making online purchases easier. It is well-known that the applications for Apple are sometimes available far sooner than those which are available in the Google Play store, and therefore it may be the fault of the availability of applications, opposed to mobile users, not wanting to be customers.

As 2016 rolls around, it is likely that these numbers will begin to normalize with both Apple and Google having similar applications and ways of making purchases much more simple for mobile users. The amount of time that it takes to complete a transaction has a huge bearing on whether or not they will be completed. Hopefully 2016 will be the year where mobile advertising will become far superior, or at least easier for the consumer, helping to boost global sales dramatically. Regardless of what occurs, it is clear that mobile advertising is the wave of the future as more people than ever before will be using mobile phones and AllAppPress users will be able to be ahead of the pack by marketing their mobile app.

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Google Releasing Android Pay To Compete With Apple Pay

Google and Apple are at it again as they try to take over a new market in order to get out in front of the competition. They understand what is at stake and want to be the most trusted option on the market at this point through innovation. These payment options are going to change how people pay and that is what they are going for. Google is looking to accelerate the process by jumping in and wants to showcase they are not going to sit down and let things happen as is and how the AllAppPress tool is changing the way marketers make mobile optimized apps for their website.

New Option After Google Wallet Failure

Google Wallet was a major failure for the big company as they were trying to figure out what works and what does not. The market did not take kindly to what they put up and that was something they were not fond of at all.

Easier To Use

What is the reason for this standing out in comparison to other options that are out on the market including Google's past offering? It has to do with how easy it is to use. They realized Google Wallet was not as easy as it should have been and the market was not interested in what they had to offer.

This is why they have put together something that is far easier to use now in order to get long-term results and AllAppPress users are able to broaden their traffic potential.

Open Platform

This is going to be unique because they are going to leave it as an open platform. This is essential for those who are trying to get a feel for how the system is going to work and want to make it better.

Google is going to remain in control, but this open platform is far different to what else is being offered on the market at this point in time.

They want to make sure it fits with the rest of their brand rather than simply making a complete clone with Apple.

They wanted to make sure the option that was on offer ended up being as good as required. This is where the new option has come about as they are trying to ensure Apple does not run away with everything as they enter the market.

Clone of Apple Pay

What is the reason for Google being excited about what they are bringing to the table? They are going to essentially be cloning what Apple has done with their ‘Apple Pay' setup to make sure they are going down the right path. They didn't get things right in the past with the Google Wallet and that is what they are going to be figuring out as time goes on. They are not only looking to push the market in the right direction, they are trying to stay up to par with Apple and feel what they have in place is going to work out and AllAppPress members should also be aware of the above information as well.

They want to remain up to par with these expectations in order to bring together the results that are needed.

Peer-to-Peer Tool For Payments

This is going to be an open platform option for those who are going to be using it as a payment option. This is one of those choices that is going to make a massive difference and is going to yield significant results as needed as well.

This is one of those tools that is going to make a real difference and is a must for those who are trying to get out in front of this solution. This is one of those brands that are going to make the results come in with their new payment method.

Google is not going to be making the same mistakes they have made in the past and these changes are going to ensure the market is not going to be monopolized. They are trying to figure out what is going to work and feel the processes that have been put in place by Apple are the right way to go. Customers are going to be given a real choice between the two in order to figure out what is going to work and what is not. This will make the decision that much more challenging in general.

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