[UNCUT] Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Can Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 REALLY Show You How To Drive Massive Traffic and Build a Huge Buyer's Through Video In A Cheap Way?

If you have been dreaming for quite some time about being able to become a successful, full time internet marketer, yet you are not seeing your dreams coming true, what do you do?

The problem has basically been getting traffic out to the different Clickbank offers that you have been working on promoting, including everything from Registry Repair to Green Energy stuff. These are the trickles of traffic that you have been generating that end up dying a rapid death.

You may have always heard that money is in your list, but you are not exactly sure of the right ways to build a good list and how you can fully monetize it. You are unable to afford to go with paid traffic because it seems to be both risky and expensive. You are not looking to lose your shirt when you have bills that also need to be paid.

Say you come across the Jeff Johnson Tube Traffic Secrets program. He comes with a decent reputation, so you feel as though you want to be able to dive right into a course. You discover a few different things after you get into the Member area:

Module 1 – Finding the Right Audience, an Audience That Loves to Watch Videos and Also Spend Money

After you make your way through this module, you find that matching up your niches with your chosen demographic selection will be crucial. After you watch the video tutorials, you follow through with the pdf action plan step by step to work on dialing your niche in.

You decide to go with the nice called ‘Improve Memory' because is seems like the audience is very passionate and ready to spend money on a variety of different things.

Module 2 – Leveraging the ‘X-Ray Factor' Power to Easily Reveal the Right Keywords for Both Google and YouTube

Here is where you will get some pretty nice keywords that you can go after when using the Google and YouTube suggestions along with some other neat tactics that you may learn in the video. Your pdf action plan will serve as your niche guide that you should follow just to be sure that you are not missing out on anything in the keyword search.

Module 3 – The Simplest Ways for Turning Video Traffic into Leads and Sales

This is where you will see some pretty specific techniques and things to do in the videos, much like words to use for your video descriptions, precise annotations, and the other tactics you need to get people to dive into action for the duration of the videos you put out.

You can also learn more about the methods for monetizing the list by simply triggering hot buttons that prompt people to buy. There are also examples and case studies that you can follow along with that will give you the blueprint you need based upon tested results.

Module 4 – The Optimization of Your Channel to Increase Leads and Brand Building

This module will show you the various elements like buttons, images and text that you can put on your channel page to make the visitors really remember you and want to opt in to your list.

Module 5 – Secrets for Optimizing Video to Achieve Both Free Traffic and Free Leads

This is where you are ready to apply your 15 factors that will make all of your videos discoverable on YouTube. These 15 factors are explained in great detail with plenty of examples, meaning that there is no guesswork for you. It is more like following along with a checklist.

Your Google+Share and Playlist tips are going to be interested because they are rarely mentions by the YouTube marketers.

Module 6 – PPC Traffic That is Dirt Cheap, Powerful and So Inexpensive It's Practically Free

As you are looking for the free traffic to start coming in, you will learn why you should not be using the action checklist for the module and running your PPC campaign. It is interesting how cheap Google is when sending the views to your ‘Improve Memory' video.

You could also learn some techniques for optimization that will make sure the clicks are staying cheap and that the traffic will be as targeted as possible so that you can maximize the opt ins.

Module 7 – Squeezing More Free Traffic and Leads Out of Google and YouTube

Once you go through this module, it may seem to be more important that other modules on generating traffic.

You are finding out how you can get your videos ranked in Googles so that you can double up on the traffic you need, and you are also learning how you can use the social and community features on YouTube for getting more exposure for your videos.

Why is it that Tube Traffic Secrets will work so well? The main reason being that it shows you exactly how you can discover the best keywords for your particular niche. This will then help you to manipulate every bit of the comprehensive ranking factors on YouTube so that you can rank a lot faster. Another major benefit will be that it shows how you can maximize conversions and leads from the videos you have, which translates into a maximization for your earnings and commissions on each visitor. There will be more money with less effort.

Additional 2017 (Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0) Updates

1. Upgraded to Lifetime Access to the Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 membership site. (value = $999.00)

2. Free YouTube keyword research and channel management software (limited quantities available).

3. Fully licensed and fully functional copy of Camtasia 9 for Windows and Mac (sold separately for $299.00. limited quantities available).

4. Free copy of “Camtasia Jumpstart” training program (sold separately for $199.00).

5. Free copies of Traffic and Leads Training Academy™ Live! Seminar recordings (sold separately for $597.00).

Who Is Jeff Johnson?

The creator of Tube Traffic Secrets is Jeff Johnson, who has a large following in the IM space, associated with the largest names in the field of internet marketing, like Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern.

He specializes in traffic generation by way of video and SEO and is a seven figure affiliate that actually practices just what he preaches. He really walks the walk. He has released blueprints on traffic generate over the past decade and has a great reputation for being detailed and able to guide people from being a beginner all the way to advanced.

The bottom line is that he has sold millions in physical and digital products, along with bringing about millions of targeted visitors, not only for himself, but also his clients. Jeff is right on the cutting edge when it comes to free traffic and all of the methods are tested meticulously. This is the guru you need to help you get results.

How I Can Help You (My 100% Exclusive Bonuses)

I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through my link, and here’s a summary of the specific bonuses I’m offering for Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0 (these are 100% exclusive, created by me)…


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Tube Traffic Secrets 3.0:

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