[UNCUT] Social Traffic Jacker Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Can Social Traffic Jacker REALLY Help You Get Targeted Traffic & Grow Your Email Lists In An Automated Way?

Social Traffic Jacker Review – Drive Targeted Leads On Autopilot

Have you ever tried to grow your email list, retarget audiences, and increase your following in social media all at the same time? Juggling all these things can be challenging for any digital marketer, but it's necessary to optimize your campaigns. The good news is that there's a tool that makes the entire process simple and efficient. Social Traffic Jacker may be the solution you've been looking for to improve your everyday workflow. Keep reading to learn about its different features and what they can do for your digital brand.

Link Multiple Social Media Accounts

You can link your social media accounts to the tool, so you can manage them all under a single dashboard. The supported platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Using simple app authorizations, you can integrate your accounts in just a few clicks.

Curate Content From Authority Websites

When trying to grow your number of followers in social media, you might feel tempted to share posts from your own website. But one secret to gaining even more followers is by sharing content from other authority sites in your niche. This shows your followers that you're not all about self-promotion, which helps build trust at the same time. Using RSS feeds, you can pick the influencers and sites from which you can curate and share content.

Test Different CTAs

Every marketer knows the importance of a powerful call-to-action. But to have an even deeper appreciation, you may want to conduct split tests to see what CTA produces the best results. Social Traffic Jacker has a feature that allows you to add up to 4 CTAs. They rotate automatically, and you can gather data and use the right CTA accordingly.

Add Your Own Domains

You can choose to add your custom domains from which you can share links. This helps in further boosting your credibility. And to top it off, there's no limit to the number of domains you can add. There's also an easy to follow training that teaches you how to add your own domains.

Integrate Autoresponders

How good is your email marketing strategy? You must make sure that you regularly send out updates to your subscribers. The goal is to pique their interest and convince them to keep coming back for more. But this might require a lot of time. If you use an autoresponder to help with the process, you can integrate it to the app. There's a test button so you will know right away if your favorite autoresponder works or not.

Use Built-In Analytics

The tool comes with a posts calendar. This is where you can click on links from the campaigns you have running. This gives you access to the built-in analytics tool, enabling you to study pertinent data. This way, you don't have to keep guessing what areas to tweak as all your decisions will be backed by hard metrics.

Wrap Up

Social Traffic Jacker is an app that lets you automate everyday tasks so you can save heaps of time. It's an all-in-one tool that can help you set up more effective campaigns both in email and social media marketing.

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