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There is a rumor occurring right now that Amazon is considering taking its large e-commerce store, and moving it into the brick and mortar industry. There is some thought that this could lead to pandemonium, but in reality, Amazon is simply trying to break new ground, going into what is called e-tail selling in a huge way. They want to provide an online and off-line customer experience that really does go against how the evolution of stores has occurred for many years. Some people are saying that if it's not broken, why fix it? However, this company has great plans, and as you will see, from the words of columnist Katy Leim, they may actually be making a move in the right direction. This will also impact Shopify owners and marketers using Shopifill to populate their stores.

The Touch And Feel Of Amazon

What is very consistent with this company right now is that we are conditioned to go to their e-commerce store, see the many items that are available, order them, and expect them to be delivered without having to go to a physical location. However, Amazon has also noticed that people like to interact with other people, not just a website and a shopping cart. Human interaction might be the next necessary advancement. Some might refer to this as being retro, but if they do go in a direction where you can actually be fully immersed in the Amazon experience, going to a store and purchasing items physically, is this going to affect the way that consumers perceive this company? It may not be necessary to do so, and it may be a bad decision, but Amazon is known for taking decisions that are seemingly out of line in regard to what most people think, and coming out on top every time. Shopifill owners are advised to follow these trends to make better decisions.

What Amazon Is Known For (Quite Different From Shopify)

This is the store that is known worldwide for being the largest e-commerce store. It's name is representative of the largest river in the world, the Amazon, at least by discharge of water. In the same way, the constant unending flow of packages that are sent out from this company and its many distribution sites, seems to be running just fine. They have change the way that people shop, taking advantage of smart phones and tablet computers were orders can be placed by simply tapping your screen, and then waiting for the product to arrive. People are now conditioned to order things in this manner, and it has literally change the landscape of how special is like black Friday actually occur. One thing Shopifill owners have to consider is shipping times for their customers.

It is now no longer necessary for people to take a day to go into the big city, as many people do in rural communities, because they can order everything that they want and have it sent to their door using the many mail delivery services that are available. However, if Amazon decides to go in the direction of having a brick-and-mortar system of stores, this will likely not be a good thing. One thing that seems to be a good idea, on the other hand, is the use of drones to deliver packages, bypassing the need for companies like UPS, Federal Express or even the United States Post Office, which might be another advancement in a proper direction.

The Era Of Drone Deliveries

There has been a rumor that Amazon is preparing nation wide fleets of drones that will cover the sky, delivering packages 24 hours a day. It is hard to imagine, something that you and potentially see in a Star Wars movie, but they are simply delivering packages. The possibility of actually streamlining the existing distribution chains that they have, allowing packages to be literally dropped off at doorsteps, may actually have an enormous upside. They can control the price at which they spend money on deliveries, eliminating the need to use Federal Express or UPS, which can actually generate a substantial amount of additional revenue for the company. They may even go into areas where they are manufacturing the drones, and completely control every aspect of the system. This could save them hundreds of millions of dollars every year, which seems to be a good decision. Shopifill and Shopify marketers can also take advantage of Amazon's FBA program to streamline their deliveries.

However, in regard to a brick-and-mortar version of Amazon, stores like Walmart occupying areas in cities and towns across the country, it seems to be a recipe for disaster. It will not be known what will happen until they actually have the stores up and running, at which point we will see how they will be able to change this from what appears to be a wrong decision into one that people will simply accept as part of their company. Once all of the fleets of drones are flying through the air, delivering packages, and at the same time, new Amazon stores are showing up in a city near you, we will then know the outcome of these changes that Amazon once to make, and hopefully they are beneficial not only for consumers but for the company itself. Either way, Shopifill owners should keep a close eye on the changes this giant retailer is making.

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