Does Infinity Code REALLY Give You An Accelerated MasterPlan for Selling 500+ Units Per Day on Amazon…with Untapped ‘Secrets' That Most Sellers Have No Clue About?


Hey guys, Hanif here and welcome to my Infinity Code review…

I've been very turned off by ‘Amazon' over the past couple of years. Why? Well, for starters, they ended my Associates account (I had done well over $2Million in revenue as an affiliate) and didn't even listen to my appeals…

And on top of that, this whole ‘FBA Private Label' thing, where people slap their own brand on a common widget and send it to Amazon warehouses, became overly saturated with little kids to grandmas trying to make money from it.

It seemed to me that Amazon is DEAD, in practical terms, for regular internet marketers without deep pockets.

Now before I go any further, let me explain WHY Amazon ended my Associates account. There were 2 main reasons:

1) They disallowed using Google Adwords (ppc) to send traffic as an Amazon affiliate (I was using Google PPC very successfully for years to make awesome commissions).

2) They disallowed sending traffic from Youtube as an Amazon affiliate (I was also using Youtube very successfully to drive lots of commissions).

Anyways, they changed their terms of service and my 2 main promotion methods: Google PPC and Youtube were no longer allowed IF you were an Amazon Associate.

What Amazon really wanted is quality content websites/blog sending traffic. They didn't want affiliates sending traffic directly to their site, without a quality Blog/Website in between They basically moved their Associates model to a higher quality requirement.

Then came the whole ‘FBA Private label' craze, where tons and tons of small sellers started getting cheap goods from China, slapping their own brand label on those products, and sending them to Amazon warehouses…

Needless to say, this opportunity became saturated, and in many instances Amazon's reputation suffered from low quality goods being sold on their platform.

So, Amazon took action against this trend, and many Private Label Sellers started to struggle, and many are dying out…

But, there are 2 guys who have not only survived all of these Amazon ‘updates', but have actually thrived and continued to scale their business higher.


By giving Amazon exactly what it wants. Instead of trying to bend the rules and game the system, they've worked directly with the data Amazon is giving them, selling premium products that create a loyal fanbase, and helping Amazon actually fill ‘gaps' in their marketplace and improving the customer experience.

These 2 guys are Ryan Coisson and Daniel Audunsson. I met Ryan at a private seminar about 4 years ago, and its amazing to see how much progress he's made since then.

Infinity Code is the system that Ryan and Daniel have created, detailing their entire strategy for successfully launching over a 100 Amazon products that are selling 7-figures monthly…

If you know anything about selling on Amazon, then you know that a 100 successful products is an insane number. To put it in perspective, most people have the majority of their products fail/struggle, and if you have 10 successful products then you're considered a ‘Master'. Ryan and Daniel have over a 100.

The real secret to their sauce is identifying the right product to sell, one with wild profit potential…

And validating this product BEFORE sourcing it. Basically, their system allows them to know in advance exactly how successful a product will be before sourcing it – by being able to project sales and profit potential right off the bat.

Again, before they ever decide to spend the money, time and energy on sourcing and then launching a new product on Amazon, they know exactly what needs to be done to get it to be successful.

Truth is, choosing and listing the right product on Amazon is 80% of the battle. The branding, marketing and ranking techniques are also important, but if you don't have the right product, it'll be a huge struggle to get consistent sales.


Alright, so lets get started with the components of the Infinity Code program and how all the pieces connect together:


Full Disclaimer: I am promoting the Infinity Code program and offering some exclusive bonuses (that you’ll see later down this page) to greatly compliment it (infact, I know I have the best bonus package on the market). Just to be clear, you’ll have to work your tail off and be patient to make money from this program, and I’ll give you as many details as possible so you can make a better decision for yourself.


The Infinity Code 8 Week Core Training


Alright, so the 1st part of Infinity Code is the 8 week core training, in which they first focus on helping you choose the right product using their 5 phase system:


Phase One: Market and Niche Selection

This phase is all about choosing a solid market to analyze, and then choosing a specific niche within that market to increase your odds of finding good product opportunities. There is certain criteria that your niche has to meet, and it must have potential to build a ‘brand' through ecommerce.

This step is critical, because it greatly affects your odds of finding profitable opportunities that can drive 500+ sales per day.


Phase Two: Data Mining

Once you've indentified your sub-niche, now you'll begin your research to identify 5-10 specific products based on the research techniques they'll show you. This data driven research will help you quickly and efficiently compare multiple products, and help make a decision on the right product to start with.

Knowing how to compare different opportunities, and knowing where to start is critical in helping you start off on the right foot, and gain sales momentum as quickly as possible.


Phase Three: Product Validation

Ok, thus far you've identified ‘potential' products, but there's NO WAY of knowing if its actually going to perform and if its truly worth your time and effort…

Well, this is where Infinity Code really shines. In this phase, you'll actually run a couple of ‘quick and cheap' tests on Amazon, using Amazon Sponsored Ads, to know exactly which of these five to ten product opportunities are the best and meet your final criteria. Yes, with this phase, Amazon will tell you which ones are going to make money.

Looking at Ryan & Daniel's strategies in this phase is what impressed me the most about Infinity Code, and created a lot of lightbuld moments in my head. I will personally be using these strategies to test and validate my own ecom products.

The most appealing part of this phase is the Speed and very low budget it requires. You can fully test and validate products with a very tiny budget, and know within a few days if you have a winner on hand. No more having to wait weeks and months and thousands spent on wasted inventory.


Phase Four: Sourcing Data Research

Here, Ryan & Daniel give you their insider methods to sourcing products, gathering information such as the price per unit, minimum order quantity and the lead time. This date is critical for the projections you'll be doing in the next step, and can make or break your profitability.


Phase Five: Product Projections

Alright, this is another phase in which you'll get access to ‘secrets', or information that is exclusive to Ryan and Daniel's personal experience. It is the most powerful step of the process.

By using all the data you've collected so far, you'll be able to make very accurate product projections based on the Ryan & Daniel's unique formula. This will tell you the number of sales and profits from Amazon ads, the number of sales and profits from organic rankings of specific search terms, and total weekly estimated sales and profits.

Now, you have ALL the data you need to choosing the right product on Amazon, one that has a very high chance of selling profitably and helping you accelerate your business quickly.

Look, most Sellers fail on Amazon. They struggle with their 1st product, which slows everything down and causes them to lose motivation. It is extremely important to have early success, and this 5 Phase system for choosing the right product greatly stacks the odds of profitability in your favor.


Creating Products with an ‘Edge'

One of the key factors of their success on Amazon is creating products with strong branding, a premium feel. Instead of trying to compete based on price, they actually charge a little bit more than the common listings and position the product as ‘premium'.

In certain cases, the actual product you source from China can also have a small tweak/improvement made to it, as most manufacturers can easily modify products for you.

Either way, in Infinity Code you'll learn product positioning secrets to convery a premium brand feel, which will help you not only sell MORE units, but also sell them at higher margins…making it easier to scale.


Listing Optimization

Using the 9 image spots that Amazon gives you, in a strategic way, is very important in bringing your product ‘to life'…meaning that your potential customer feels like they're holding it and touching it without actually doing so. Ryan and Daniel have a specific way to take and list images on Amazon that becomes like a virtual demo of the product, accelerating sales.

In addition, the use of headlines, bulletpoints and Videos also has a specific science that they'll be showing you, helping your listings convert higher than your competitors.


Proprietary Organic Ranking Strategies

The word ‘secret', although a bit hypey, is a decent way to describe their proprietary ranking strategies. Most sellers think that its mainly a function of keywords, sales velocity and reviews…but there's a lot more involved in getting rankings and keeping rankings.

In Infinity Code, you'll learn about Amazon's KPI, or key performance indicators, and how they intricately work together to give you high rankings. They'll show you how to quickly optimize for these KPIs to achieve high organic rankings.


Rescue and Accelerate Dead & Struggling Listings

If you already have a product up on Amazon, but its struggling to get sales, they have a unique method for accelerating dead listings by applying many different strategies.

It beings with optimizing your listing title, images and description, and then sending traffic to the listing in specific ways that you'll learn.


Coaching and Support and Go, No-Go Service

Having mentors guiding you is essential, but more importantly, answering crucial questions when you feel unsure about something can help you breakout and keep making forward progress.

In addition to having access to Ryan and Daniel to answer your questions, you'll also have access to an additional team of experts who can privately help you with any obstacles you may face.

Lastly, there's the Facebook Mastermind group where like-minded Amazon entrepreneurs will be sharing their strategies, setbacks and successes that you can learn from. Sometimes, observing other people's experiences can help you pave your own way and bring additional clarity.


6-Figure Case Studies

Will you actually see live examples of successful campaigns? Yes, some of their students are doing 6-figures in sales per month, so you'll be able to take a look at where they started, what steps they took, and how the scaled it into a 6-figure per month operation.

Case studies usually help stir up the creative juices, because they let you visualize the whole process coming together and bring all the information into one working example.


Private Mastermind & NDA Live Event

After completing your core training, there will be mastermind sessions for further scaling your business while outsourcing most of the work. The focus here will be to turn your business into a well-oiled machine that works without you…meaning you don't have to constantly manage it.

Also, there will be a live 2-day event where they will be requiring all the attendees to sign a ‘non-disclosure' agreement, because certain strategies/methods will be revealed that Ryan and Daniel regard as secrets. If you can't attend the event, you'll still be able to watch it because it'll be live streamed.


Copy and Profit Templates

The nice thing about Infinity Code is that it lets you focus on the most important element of this whole business…choosing the right product. Most of the other elements are provided to you in a way that you can just copy, such as: email follow-ups, listing creation, image stacks and templates for communicating with suppliers.

You'll also receive the spreadsheet Templates for progress tracking, profit projections and other key areas, so again, your focus can be entirely on the actual product.

They have an entire team that you can outsource tasks to, which is very helpful because you know that their team is competent and experienced in doing these tasks for you.


Expansion Blueprint

This is where you expand beyond Amazon, and take all your customers and your brand name and build a thriving online store with it. This is an area I have experience in, and I can help you alongside with this expansion.

The biggest benefit of this step is not relying exclusively on Amazon, and also being able to scale up your traffic. With your own online store, you control your customers and your traffic, which is a crucial step in building a thriving long-term business.


Here's How I Can Help You Build Your Business (My 100% Exclusive Bonuses)


I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through my link, so here’s a look at the specific bonuses I’m offering for Infinity Code (these are 100% exclusive, created by me)…


My Team Will Build a Blog For You to Help You Get Organic Search Traffic ($500 Real Value)

1) One of the critical components of your Ecom business is a Blog where you have additional content. This increases credibility for your brand and attracts organic traffic. If you decide to purchase Infinity Code through my affiliate link, my team will actually build your Blog for you and create good, unique content for it (this is basically building a website for you). I own a local consulting marketing agency so I have the resources and expertise to get this done (I charge minimum $500 for this work).


My Team Will Promote 5 of your Amazon Listings to Help Them Rank for Keywords in Google and Other Search Engines (for greater organic traffic outside of Amazon)

2) Amazon pages often rank in the search engines for a wide variety of product related terms. We have ranked 100s of websites and web properties over the past decade, and we'll promote your Amazon listing to help it rank and get organic traffic from Google. This is basically ‘offpage SEO', also known as ‘link building' for 5 of your Amazon listings (this is worth $750).


My Writers Will Create 20 Unique Articles and Publish Them On Your Blog (to help you naturally get free traffic … $300 real value)

3) My team will develop 20 unique articles for the blog we’ll create for you, and publish the articles on your blog to help you get organic search traffic (the articles will be written by native english speakers, researched and edited).


My Team Will Create & Distribute 3 Premium Press Releases and DISTRIBUTE Them to 200+ News Outlets (help your store build backlinks and attract even more free traffic)

4) My team will then create and distribute 3 Press Releases to ‘announce’ your Amazon listings and build backlinks, so you can attract more FREE traffic. These are premium press releases that individually cost $50-$97 EACH to distribute, so they’re a very valuable bonus I’m offering (these press releases go out to over 200 top news outlets … over $300 real value).


My Team Will Create 3 Premium Videos For Your Products, Optimize Them For Youtube, and Promote Them to Help You Get Free Video Search Traffic

5) We’ll also create 3 Explainer Videos (with animations and real voiceover) for your products, optimize these videos for video sharing sites like Youtube, and then promote these videos by building backlinks & social signals (to help you get even more free traffic). The value of this bonus is easily $500, because we’re actually creating AND promoting the videos for you.


I Will Share My Personal Breakthroughs In Ecommerce As I Continue to Develop My Own Stores (have an additional Coach & Mentor by your side)

6) As I actively work to build and scale my own ecommerce stores, I’ll share with you more strategies that are working for me, and even recommend tweaks and improvements to your store. Consider it ‘coaching’. I’ll share with you as I test new strategies, and you can reach out to me to get advice on your own store (again, this is expert consulting at your fingertips, worth $200/hour).

And in Addition to the Extremely Valuable Bonuses ABOVE, I'm Also Offering Exclusive Bonuses Below…





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