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Does Group Marketer REALLY Help You Grow Your List, Get Viral Traffic & Boost Sales With Just Minutes Of Work?

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Having a wonderful project and/or service and seeing a massive community such as the one on Facebook is frustrating. The groups are there for the taking, but how does one market to them? This can start to bother any marketer and that is why a solution is required to get the word out and tap into this social media giant and extract value.

‘Group Marketer' is a product launched by Andrew Darius and claims to make your life easier when it comes to getting the word out on Facebook and reaping the rewards. Does it really work, though?

Well, let's dive into the review and find out…

Main Features

1) Powerful Method For Posting On Facebook Groups With Ease

2) Set Up Three Click List Building Opportunities On Facebook

3) Gain Access To A Massive Amount Of Targeted Users On Facebook In Seconds

4) Simple To Use Interface Made For All Marketers

5) Stand-Alone Desktop Application (With Its Own Browser Built In)

6) Safe Methods Are Used To Ensure Account Remains Active

7) Saves Time By Posting To Multiple Groups At Once In Seconds

Excellent Stand-Alone Desktop Application

Andrew Darius has built this software by launching a separate stand-alone desktop application. This ensures the browser's speed is not going to lag and cause issues in that regard.

With the stand-alone desktop application, it is easier to manage one's Facebook account and remain on top of things for as long as possible. It ensures the marketing campaigns are run from within the application. It is a neatly put together user interface and that stands out immediately when starting it up.

Spreads The Word With Ease

The main purpose of the product is to get the word out in terms of one's opt-in pages. This is only going to happen by posting in niche-related FB groups that are speaking on the subject and will have users who are termed as ‘hot leads' (interested buyers).

By getting out in front of this audience using the software, it becomes easier to sell and gain new traffic to your landing page.

It is truly remarkable to see how well it has been put together in this regard. There are millions of groups and this software can get the word out to them in seconds.

Simple To Use

It is simple to use and that comes down to the user interface. It is beautiful, easy to use, and downright fast.

This is a must for those who want to find the right fit and only wish to use a refined product. Andrew Darius and his team have done a wonderful job in this regard. It is easy to use.


What about safety? An FB account can easily become a victim of the ‘ban hammer' as they like to call it.

This is not going to happen with Group Marketer as a lot of testing has gone into the product to make sure it follows all of the rules. This is a major plus point as other products don't have this to offer at all.

Requires Setting Up

Now, you can't just crank open the software application and hope you are ready to go. While, they have made sure it is easy to use and it is going to take a few minutes, you still have to do this part of the work.

After you have set it up, you will be able to reap the rewards from FB Group Marketer and what it has to offer.

This might be a con for some, but in essence, it is something you can't overlook.

Concluding Thoughts

FB Group Marketer is one of those software programs that is a ‘no-brainer' when it comes to marketing needs. Why not go with a software option such as this and know you will be able to get your opt-in pages out in front of targeted traffic? The best part is that beyond the price being paid for the software, you will be doing this for free.

This is a must-buy for anyone that is tired of not being able to get their product and/or service in front of the people who matter the most. Get those targeted leads as soon as possible using this wonderfully crafted software solution by Andrew Darius.

Now, before you get too excited about FB Group Marketer, realize that you won’t make a dime with this software unless you first target the right niche, get the right traffic, present the right offers and use proper conversion methods…

So, to help you maximize your results with this software, I have created an exclusive Bonus…

Group Marketer Review Bonus

Group Marketer Bonus

FB Group Marketer Bonus

Group Marketer Review BuyNow

Group Marketer Review Optin

Group Marketer Review Hanif

Group Marketer Review Testimonials 1

Group Marketer Review Testimonials 2


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Group Marketer:

**Scroll Up To See My Detailed FB Group Marketer Review**


Group Marketer Best Bonus

FB Group Marketer Bonus

Group Marketer Review BuyNow

Group Marketer Review Optin


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