[UNCUT] Graphitii Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Does Graphitii REALLY Help You Create Beautiful, Dynamic Cinemagraphs With Just A Few Simple Clicks?


Hey guys my name's Hanif and I just want to give you a very quick overview of the Graffiti App. So, let's go ahead and take a look at what the Graphitii App is and how it works.

What Is The Graphitii App?

Graphitii is basically an app that lets you create very captivating type images that are half image, half video. And what I mean by that is that you've probably see Netflix and some of the major conglomerates and corporations out there using this type of imagery to draw more attention. And it is where you have a still photo, but then a part of that photo is in motion. So, as I said before it's kinda like a half video and half photo. And these things are really stunning, they catch the eye because of the contrasting affect within the image and there being used by major companies. In fact Microsoft and other companies have found decreased advertising costs and much more engagement with the use of these images.

Increase Click Through Rates On Social Media

These types of images and videos also worked very well on Instagram or Facebook to increase your click through rates. With paid advertising or even social media advertising becoming increasingly more competitive and more saturated, it's becoming more important to stand out.

And by using these cinemagraphs you can stand out more lower your advertising cost and get higher click through rates and look more professional at the same time.

Completely Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

So the way this App works is that it's completely cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere from your computer or even your mobile phone. Once you log in, you simply import any video clip you want into the App (even simple videos that you just shot with your phone).

Once you import the video, you can crop a portion of it. So let's say that the video is two minutes long and you wanna crop from thirty seconds to a minute thirty, you can crop that portion and then the video becomes a still image.

What you do next is that with the App you simply select the area that you want to be animated or that you want to be in motion. So let's say you have a video and now you have a cropped-out portion of it and it's one big square within that square you can select a portion that you want to be in motion.

So, now that portion of the video is gonna move. While the rest of the square is gonna remain still. And this is gonna create that contracting affect that really perhaps people's attention.

So once you select the area that you want to be in motion. You can simply output the video and have it ready to go in web friendly format, in social media friendly format uploaded to Instagram Facebook. Whatever website that you want to use it on.

Final Thoughts

Graffiti also allows you to save save all your projects and you can access all your projects online at any time even from your phone. The App is also fully functional from your phone as well, which is really cool because you can create these cool-looking cinemagraphs wherever you are.

Now, before you get too excited about Graphitii, realize that you won’t make a dime with this tool unless you first target the right niche, get the right traffic, present the right offers and use proper conversion methods…

So, to help you maximize your results with this system, I have created an exclusive ‘Business Building & Growing' Bonus…










Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Graphitii:

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