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Fresh Title Review – Does The New FreshTitle Tool REALLY Help You Instantly Create ‘Highly-Responsive' Titles & Headlines In Just 1-Click?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Fresh Title:

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Along with my Fresh Title Review, I'm also including some interesting Twitter and Pinterest marketing news articles below:

Twitter Dumps Share Totals And Redesigns Tweets And Follow Buttons

There are big changes occurring on Twitter in the next few months, specifically the redesign of the Tweet and follow buttons, as well as an elimination of one of the more popular aspects of what these buttons can provide. It will no longer share how many people have actually tweeted the post that is being shared unless it is acted upon by a third-party application. The API information is still available, but Twitter has decided to make this unavailable for people that are simply using the system as is. Here's an overview of what these changes will be, what this means for Twitter users, and how you can modify any existing services that you offer that show follows using the API that Twitter provides and how the Fresh Title tool is making it easier for marketers to create headlines.

Twitter Buttons Are Changing

Although there have been many other stories about how Twitter is upgrading its advertising, there is another change that is happening right now. If you have a Twitter account or two, you are more than likely used to the light colored buttons with the black lettering, and of course the display of how many people are following that particular post. They have decided to change things up by making the buttons blue, and the text white. The ubiquitous bird will still be there but the share counts will not. This seems to be a move in order to attract more attention to the buttons which will be much easier to see. If you think about how the Facebook button is very obvious, with a similar type of coloration, this could be a move on the part of Twitter to attract those that use Facebook everyday.

Why The Sudden Changes?

These are actually not sudden changes but ones that have been in the works for quite some time. It is actually the first changed the buttons in the last several years, and the Tweet button has only shared the account information for about half a decade. The reasoning for doing so has not been stated, and they still make this information available. For those that are adept at using software that can create programs, or turn to someone that can design an application that can extract this information from the API, this info is still available and Fresh Title members will be able to increase their on-page conversions by including attractive titles.

What This Means For Companies

There are three specific changes that will occur when the button change happens. First of all, it will take a little bit of time for people to get used to the changes. They may accidentally confuse the Facebook button with the Twitter but now, which could lead to a problem. Although the colors are different, they are somewhat similar, as well as the design. That may be why they are taking off the total counts to make a further designation, but the primary reasoning seems to be aiming for similarities. The second way it will affect companies, as mentioned before, is that they are going to have to extract share counts from the API directly. This is something that a programmer can easily do and incorporate into software that people are using safe for their applications that they give away for free to drive more targeted traffic, but it's still an inconvenience for many that are using the out-of-the-box Twitter Tweet button. Finally, it is possible that they are doing so in order to make changes, something that is necessary for a company to grow. Despite the similarities with Facebook, and the removal of the total share counts, it may be a positive move in the right direction.

How This Could Help Twitter Again More Followers

The reason that this could be very beneficial for for Twitter is because it might cause users to become more engaged. When you think about the mentality of a person that sees a number on a Twitter button, if it is a low number, they are less likely to share it. People are motivated to share when they believe that everyone else also is happy with the content. The number invokes a certain mentality, believing that the higher number is worthy of sharing, and the lower one is not. By removing the button, it is possible that people will use their own judgment on whether or not they liked an article or a post and share it based upon their personal opinion. People sometimes get caught up in not thinking when they are sharing, and by removing these numbers, this can eliminate part of the problem and Fresh Title users will be able to save time by not wasting it on thinking of headlines.

Once the changes absolutely complete, we will then get to see how the outcome will unfold. It will likely be a very good move for Twitter. They have more than likely tested this millions of times on tens of thousands of accounts to see if the buttons worked before rolling them out. This is simply what must be done when working with a social network that is that large in size. Testing is everything, and once the blue buttons with the white text become standard in the next several months, it will be as if nothing had changed because people will only focus upon sharing like they did before, and not on these dramatic changes made by Twitter right now.

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Retailers And Pinterest Both Agree That New Customer Acquisition Is Being Driven By Buyable Pins

Three months ago Pinterest launched Buyable Pins. The company hasn't had much to say about its new product yet, but several merchants have expressed being very pleased with their early returns. Pinterest has stated that Buyable Pins have been drawing in new customers and how the Fresh Title software is helping people generate responsive titles for their content.

In a telephone interview with Marketing Land, Michel Yamartino, who is head of commerce at Pinterest, said that they had been hearing that people and businesses were acquiring many new customers through the Buyable Pins. So it wasn't just individuals who were frequently shoppers at a store already or people ready to buy. Yamartino added that Pinterest was really helping businesses acquire new customers, and that the data was showing that in many cases 90 percent or more of a merchant's buyers were actually brand-new customers.

Buyable Pins were launched by Pinterest in June, which made it possible for US users to purchase items directly through the Pinterest iOS app. At that start, Pinterest stated that there were over 30 million products that were available to be purchased via the “Buy it” blue button.

The products are available from large merchants such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Macy's, along with small companies who are using e-commerce platforms from Shopify and Demandware. Pinterest isn't currently getting a cut from these transactions. Eventually it is planning to let business promote Buyable Pins so that they can be visible to more Pinterest users. According to Shoipfy, the feature has been turned on by thousands of its merchants. In addition, Demandware is reporting that some of the first clients to use it include Ethan Allen, Joann Stores, Michaels, Kate Spade, Gardeners and Cole Haan and Fresh Title members will be able to include a catchy headline with their pin.

In the Marketing Land interview Yamartino also stated that businesses were very excited about this new feature, and that more products and merchants were being added every day. By late August all US iOS users had access to the new feature. Pinterest is still working on making Buyable Pins available to Android app and desktop users. As the holiday season draws near, stay tuned for news on additional improvements.

Pinterest has long been considered as the social network that had the most potential for cashing in on e-commerce. That is mainly due to the fact that, unlike on Twitter and Facebook, people go to Pinterest to save and search for things that they want to buy, visit or do. Facebook and Twitter are both working on their own commerce products, testing Buy buttons that will be displayed in individual's social streams, as well as landing pages that can work as product catalogues. So this is definitely a time of experimentation, and the various social platforms are all jockeying for position inside an industry that brings in $263 billion in annual revenue.

A number of small merchants who have used the Shopify integration feature to activate Buyable Pins have supported the claim from Pinterest that the feature is bringing in new customers. They also were very optimistic that the Buyable Pins show tremendous potential and Fresh Title users will be able to add great titles to their site content.

The clothing company Spool No. 72 reports that eight weeks after they activated the new feature that 30% of the company's Pinterest sales are coming from Buyable Pins, and that each week it is making sizable gains in sales. Another impressive stat is that 84% of those using Buyable Pins are new customers.

The online apparel company Daily Chic has had similar results, reporting an approximate 30% increase in Buyable Pin sales. The Pins are also increasing the number of items that are being purchased by customers and driving over 7,000 unique visitors per day to the company's website.

The online marketplace Madesmith saw Buyable Pins make up 7.1 percent of the website's orders over the past 3 months, with all of the orders coming from new customers.

MVMT Watches recently switched on the Buyable Pins feature and is pleased with its early results, especially given the fact that Pinterest is the most effective social channel for the company. CEO Jake Kassan notes that people go to Pinterest to buy and shop, unlike Facebook and some of the other social sites. He feels that consumers still need to adjust to the new purchasing experiences and that it will not happen overnight.

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