[UNCUT] ExtendAzon 2.0 Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Does Extend Azon 2.0 REALLY Help You Extend Amazon's Cookie To 90 Days & Increase ‘Buyer' Click-Through Rates?

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How many times have you noticed your Amazon affiliate website driving a lot of traffic and generating clicks yet you're not still not making a decent amount of commissions? This is something that affects nearly all Amazon affiliates, except those who know how to work their way around Amazon’s 24-hour cookie. It’s essential to understand that when somebody clicks on your link, goes to Amazon, but decides to buy on another day, you will not earn any commission after the sale is complete.

The good news is that you can turn the 24-hour cookie into a 90-day cookie with a simple plugin. Enter Extend Azon 2.0, a WordPress plugin that turns your Amazon affiliate website into an e-commerce store.

90-Day Cookie Using On-Site Cart

The only way to earn commission on sales made beyond the 24-hour window given by Amazon is when the user puts the product in their Amazon shopping cart. With Extend Azon 2.0, you can allow users to add products directly into their shopping cart, tagging them with a 90-day cookie. By extending the cookie duration, you can rest assured that you’re not throwing away money. The plugin enables you to set up an on-site shopping cart, and when users are ready to checkout they will be directed to their Amazon cart.

Integration With Other WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been creating Amazon affiliate websites for a long time now, there’s a good chance that you have a variety of plugins in your arsenal. You do not have to worry about any of these plugins not working alongside Extend Azon 2.0. Regardless of the plugin you used to build your website, Extend Azon will integrate perfectly with it so there’s no need to build your website from scratch. It’s also worth noting that the plugin will always work with Amazon affiliate links except those based on JavaScript and iframe.

Different Shopping Carts

You don’t want your affiliate website to look like all the others on the web. Using Extend Azon 2.0, you can turn it into a beautiful e-commerce store. You will be able to add a shopping cart on your site with just a few clicks of your mouse. This is a fantastic way to engage your visitors and entice them to stay longer on your website.

What’s more, the plugin offers flexibility in terms of where to place your shopping cart. You can add a cart widget on any place of your website allowed by your theme. There’s also a slide-out cart tab which proves useful if you don’t want the cart to take up some much needed space. You can also set up a dedicated page for your shopping cart.

Automated Upsells

Extend Azon 2.0 doesn’t only help you earn more money by extending the cookie duration of Amazon, but also by enticing customers to buy more products. The plugin has an automated upsell feature, displaying recommended items commonly purchased with the product the visitor added to the shopping cart.

Wrap Up

This amazing plugin can help any Amazon affiliate make more money by ensuring they get credit for all sales made through their links. Extend Azon 2.0 is also very affordable and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you’ll get a refund in case you’re not satisfied with the results.

Now, before you get too excited about Extend Azon 2.0, realize that you won’t make a dime with this plugin unless you first target the right niche, get the right traffic, present the right offers and use proper conversion methods…

So, to help you maximize your results with this system, I have created an exclusive ‘Business Building & Growing' Bonus
Extend Azon 2.0 Review Bonus
Extend Azon 2.0 Bonus

Extend Azon 2.0 Bonus 2
Extend Azon 2.0 Review BuyNow
Extend Azon 2.0 Review Optin
Extend Azon 2.0 Review Hanif

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Extend Azon 2.0 Review Testimonials 2


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Extend Azon 2.0:

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Extend Azon 2.0 Review Best Bonus

Extend Azon 2.0 Bonus 2
Extend Azon 2.0 Review BuyNow
Extend Azon 2.0 Review Optin


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