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Along with my eCom Empire Review, I'm also including some interesting marketing retail news articles below:

Selective Contextual Linking With The Button Platform Extends The Value Of Apps

One of the primary focuses that Facebook and Google both have is making sure that deep linking is safe within the mobile application world. Their goal is to make sure that mobile apps are able to function just like a PC on the Internet, not just existing in a silo state. It has been noted that consumers would like you have embedded links, specifically in their favorite applications. It is even more true that they do not like to be taken out of their applications while they are using them, least of all, by the advertisements that they click on. By having a self-contained environment, it would make it easier for consumers to use applications. However, there are simply times when connecting one application to another doesn't make sense and this example of the “book now” button in a restaurant app is a good example and how the eCom Empire course is making it easier for marketers to profit from online stores.

How Button Works

Button is using a commerce and contextual linking approach which enhances the value of each individual out, allowing developers to integrate their services. An example of this would be Uber being integrated into Foursquare using Button technology. There are many different sorts of complementary app integration that exist, but Button can provide you with a simple way to do this type of custom integration. Inside of the Foursquare app, you are given the option to take Uber to a restaurant destination, but if it is already installed, you will then be offered, for example, a range of car classes that you can select from. Finally, if you don't have Uber installed, you can be prompted to download the application. Button is what will allow you to discover the app, and then later on, facilitate any transaction. The word transaction is simply in reference to finding the restaurant that you want to be at. In the case of deep linking, as mentioned before, this can only enhance value for the user. This is in contrast to the basic desire to fortify applications with third-party links instead.

How This Will Benefit Users

The primary benefit of allowing applications within applications is that it creates a very Windows like format. For instance, if you are opening up a file, and within the file are folders, and within the folders are the documents that you need, all of this is done without having to go from one program to the next. It's a steady flow, so in the example of going out to dinner and selecting a car to writing, it makes sense that you would have the button to click which would take you to the car selection choices. It is all about flow, and instead of having to open up multiple apps to accomplish multiple tasks, this interconnectivity between the applications makes it much easier to accomplish any task that you need to do and eCom Empire members will be able to take advantage of some advanced Shopify features.

How Far Will This Go?

There is some thinking that this is the wave of the future, so to speak, that all applications will at some point connect with one another. There would have to be agreements between different companies to integrate their systems, and there could quite possibly be a couple, or even one, central hub where there could be a drag-and-drop situation where people could build their applications from other applications that exist. This would probably get too complex for people that are basic users. It is better to allow companies that are creating their applications to do all of the testing that is necessary to make sure that there is no problem. The best testing, however, comes from those that are able to use the applications, and report any problems that they are having, as well as any positive testimonials that they can share. This is how most software is tested, taking advantage of those that would like to be beta testers, and the same could be true with these mobile applications using Button. From how it looks right now, it seems to make the life of the user much easier, a great way to interconnect applications in the same way that social media interconnects people and how the Internet is able to connect everything else together across the world.

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Micro-Moments – The New Path To Making Purchases According To Google

There is new data that has recently been collected that clearly shows that mobile devices are used more often by consumers, yet for shorter periods of time. As a result of this, Google has decided to implement mobile centric updates, specifically for Adwords, starting off simply with presenting imaged-based ads for your vehicle manufacturers and hotels. The company has decided to go this route in order to help consumers make purchasing decisions. Recently, Google showed their stats on how this was working out. According to their data, web sessions on mobile phones have increased 20%, yet the time that is spent per visit has gone down 18%. By implementing these new strategies, sales are up 30%, and according to Jerry Dischler of Google, the linear customer journey is now dead and how the new eCom Empire training is creating a buzz in the online store industry.

What Has Changed

The statistics also revealed that people are using their phones in order to make these transactions because it saves them time. They are able to measure these short bursts of activity on mobile phones which they referred to as micro-moments. Statistics also show that 60% of online consumers prefer to make their purchases on their phone because they can make decisions faster online, and also make purchases much more quickly, using their smart phone. By understanding this information, it is clear that companies need to move on this information, making it much more simple for the decision-making in purchasing process to be streamlined, perhaps a couple between making the decision and making the purchase.

Google's Micro-Moments Website

This is a website that Google recently launched to collect information about the mobile behavior of consumers. According to recent data, about 80% of smartphone users are going to use their smart phone to do research on products, even if they are going to make an in-store purchase. Knowing this, it is now clear that there are two fronts to address in regard to the changing habits of consumer buying products today. If the research is being done on smart phones, and people are more willing to make purchases if they are easier to do on their smart phones, this could be the wave of the future and eCom Empire users will be able to benefit from increased Google traffic.

How To Make Things Better

Both Google and Facebook have been moving toward a new system that makes purchasing much more simple. You have probably seen advertisements where there are images, with the prices of the products, something that motivates people to tap on their phones to see more about that product. They will then be taken to a screen where they can make a purchase and depending upon the applications that they have installed, the personal information can be entered in instantly, requiring that you only make the final decision to tap and make the purchase. The faster that people are able to move on these decisions, the less sales will be lost. It is this information that Google has recently released, and what is already known about the purchasing habits of consumers using their smart phones, that is motivating companies to create applications to streamline this entire process.

When Will This Become Universal?

Even though this process of purchasing items by making just a couple taps on the screen of the smart phone is in its infancy, it is clear that there is a movement in this direction by many different companies. Businesses do not like to get lost in the shuffle, and by focusing on the trends, particularly the habits of consumers, they can capitalize on these trends and make money. It may cost millions of dollars in order to perfect this system, making it as easy and trustworthy as possible. However, soon customers of virtually any store will be able to make their purchases without having to enter in any information, upgrading the simplicity of owning and using a smart phone, changes that must be made in regard to consumer marketing and eCom Empire members should also be aware of these facts as well.

In the months to come, based upon the reports that we have been receiving from Facebook, Shopify, Twitter and many other large companies, there is soon going to be a very easy way for people to connect their personal information that will be stored on their phone, along with their credit card information, in order to make these purchases. This could be dangerous if someone loses their phone, but there is always password protection that can protect their personal information. It is simply the direction that the market needs to move in because, as with all mobile phone users, simple is best.

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