[UNCUT] DashNex Pages Review & Unique ‘Fast Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

DashNex Pages Review – Does The New DashNex Pages REALLY Help You Create ‘High-Converting' Squeeze Pages In 3 Minutes Or Less?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The DashNex Pages:

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Along with my DashNex Pages Review, I'm also including some interesting mobile marketing news articles below:

Raising Customer Acquisition Rate And Loyalty With Mobile

The more you look around the world and in-store WiFi options are becoming a norm. There are a number of reasons as to why people are going down this path. It is all about getting the requisite quality in the end and that is what brands are noticing when they put this option in place. Studies have been done to see the kind of results that are coming in and the rates are substantial for those who are serious about what they are going with. It works and it does the job brilliantly. Let's see what it is all about and how the new DashNex Pages software is helping marketers create squeeze pages.

Understanding Consumer Market

The consumer market is not always easy to grasp and things are always changing. It is imperative for the stores to make sure they are staying out in front of trends and what is happening in front of them. If they don't do this, they are going to get lost in the rush.

This is why the consumer market is going to be researched on with the help of these changes. All aspects of this change have shown how the results are coming in great. It is a wonderful way to get closer to the target market.

Customer Acquisition Goes Up

Acquiring consumers has not always been easy and that used to be a major problem for those who were unsure about what they were doing. It was key to make sure more and more consumers were joining in on the fun and felt it was a great way to go for them.

This is where businesses sat down and just took a look at the direction of the target market and what they were loving about their experiences in retail stores. It all came back to mobiles and their use. This is why the in-store WiFi is a reality at this point in time.

Better Engagement

Customer engagement is not always easy and that is something many retail stores were missing out on. Most consumers were just coming in because they had to and that was a problem. They were not loving the experience and/or what they were getting and DashNex Pages users will be able to instantly increase the level of engagement.

It was more of a ‘right place and right time' sort of thing and that was the last bit of information any retail store needs. This makes everything uncertain. This is where the in-store WiFi has changed things for a long time to come. The engagement is through the roof.

Enjoyed By The Target Market

It is the target market for which this was made and that is the main thing that has been driving retail stores at this point in time. They adore the value that is being brought to the target market and it is the consumers who are raving about the new changes.

When this happens, retail stores know they have struck a chord and have made a change that is going to work in the short and long-term. This is why the changes are being pushed in harder right now and will continue to come in as time goes on.

Simple To Implement

When a change is not easy to implement, it can be rather difficult to pursue the alteration. It just does not make sense, but, in this case, the investment was well worth it as the studies showed. It just made sense to implement the in-store WiIfi change and get it into place as soon as possible.

The customers love it and that is the target market you are going to care about the most. If that value is not being brought in, you would not be happy at all. The retail stores are loving the value they are getting in general and DashNex Pages members are able to develop targeted squeeze pages.

Brand Loyalty Increases

What do retail stores want to do with their companies? They want to create brands that are going to be remembered at all times. When the brands are built, the selling and marketing becomes that much easier. Who doesn't want the process to become automatic?

Just look at the best in the world of business and you are going to notice brands at the top of the food chain.

When loyal customers are present, it just works out as intended. A great example would be Apple stores. They don't have to do anything at this point in time. The customers roll in and this change is going to help all retail stores out.

Maximizing SmartPhone Trend

Smartphones are a reality at this point in time that will not be going away anytime soon, so why not take advantage of them right away? Most retail stores realized the customers that were coming in had pictures on their phones and information listed down as to what they were looking for.

They were not able to scroll through everything in the store and that tended to push them away.

This does not have to happy anymore because they will be able to connect in the store.

Immediate Results Are Key

In the past, most businesses were in it just for long-term results and those are still going to be coming in as time goes on. However, the real value of this change comes in the form of the immediate results they are getting in general. Why not make the most of these changes and how they are coming to the forefront? It just does not get better than this for those who want great results and DashNex Pages users will be able to quickly track their results.

These are the benefits people are seeing with regards to in-store WiFi and what they are getting out of it. Why not go with a solution that is going to increase loyalty and get people involved. It is one thing to get people to come in and make purchases and another to make them long-term customers who are going to keep coming back. This is what brands are pushing for at this point in time. Those who are not careful are the ones who are going to get lost in the competition when it comes to this.

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DeepLinking May Become The New Battleground For Digital Marketers

Mobile is becoming more important increasingly. However, the mobile ecosystem has also thrown some interesting challenges to marketers. There are a number of challenges such as lower conversion rates and higher levels of distraction on mobile. Marketers are forced to spend a lot of time on understanding as well as optimizing their campaigns for an ecosystem that is disconnected across various devices and how the DashNex Pages tool is changing the way marketers create squeeze pages.

Today's consumer is highly distracted as he or she moves across various devices. But marketers have failed to take advantage of seamless experience enjoyed by users across devices. By the time marketers figure out various things, the consumer has already completed the purchase or has lost interest. Another important factor is that the attention span of average consumer has gone down considerably.

However, these challenges also bring various opportunities into fore. These opportunities will be available to marketers with deep linking, especially with the upcoming release of Apple's iOS9. In simple terms, the term deep linking can be defined as the ability to link to a particular page deep inside an app.

It works similar to the HTML structure prevalent today but the problem is that every single app comes with its own structure and there is no common structure across various apps. For instance, a desktop URL for a Twitter user called ‘cnn’ is in the form of ‘twitter.com/cnn’ whereas the deep link URL for the same user on the app is in the form of ‘twitter://user?screen_name=cnn’.

The latest release of the operating system iOS9 is going to introduce a completely seamless in-app search experience. Apple has said that this seamless experience will improve the discoverability by displaying the content whether users searched on the system or on the web. While the search features to be introduced in the latest operating system release are still new (these features are still in beta), these features have the potential to be a game changer in the field of mobile search and DashNex Pages users will be able to use ‘cloud-based' technology to create their pages.

Currently, Google is the leader in mobile search but these new features can start a new turf war over rankings. With these new features, Apple is envisioning a world where the user won't have to open a browser or go to Yahoo or Google for searching. The user will be able to search seamlessly within apps and web.

However, for this to become a reality, the developers will need to add particular code to the markup for the app content to be searched and displayed in Spotlight search. Also, more code will need to be added to seamlessly open the content on apps when it comes to web URLs. Today, a layer is needed between the content and the link, wherein the platform is first detected and the deep linking is handled from there.

As of today, a deep link (as mentioned above) can be opened in the Safari browser. However, the users going to CNN will see a failure in case the app is not installed and they will hit a dead end. Another big challenge is that most of the big Internet platforms today have their separate guidelines for deep linking that has made standardization a big issue.

For instance, Facebook has its own App Links whereas Twitter has Twitter cards. Similarly, there are other platforms that have their own platform specific versions of deep linking. In other words, if a user is not going to start from one of these big platforms namely Google, Facebook or Twitter, users won't be able to engage meaningfully.

This is where platforms like Deeplink.me come in. Such platforms are making the jobs of marketers easy by mapping out existing pages within an app. For instance, the deep link version of a Twitter URL similar to the one mentioned above will be in the form of deeplink.me/twitter.com/cnn. There are a number of advantages of this version.

First of all, these URL versions open the app on the right page in case the app is installed on iOS as well as Android. Another advantage is that this URL structure also makes use of fallback rules which mean that a user who does not have the app installed will land on the app store or on the web version of the content. In simple terms, it takes care of the disengagement and users won't meet a dead end and Dash Nex Pages users are able to add custom graphics into the templates as well.

The big challenge for these platforms is to index the content already present in the apps for Apple Search. This is going to be the next big battleground as brands start competing for rankings in Apple Search. It won't be wrong to say that this new opportunity is similar to the opportunities in the late 90s when Internet was just beginning to explode.

This is when search engine optimization gained prominence as search marketers started looking for ways to rank their products and services in the search engines. Also, the major search engines at that time such as Google and Yahoo made sure that the users were offered relevant results. This industry and ecosystem turned out to be massive.

It's true that the new opportunities being created may not be able to match the scale of the earlier ones but the battleground looks pretty similar. Brands will start optimizing their apps for depth and richness of content instead of usability or as per the factors used in the algorithm that powers the search results.

Whatever be the case, the fact remains that if this new search system is rolled out in the correct manner, there is a real possibility for Apple to become a dominant competitor for Google in terms of mobile search. However, it may also provide a big entry point for Apple to get into the search market beyond mobile and move on to search on wearables, desktop and other devices.

Noah Klausman, co-founder of Deeplink.me, says that brands are focusing on simplifying communication across various screens. Deep linking is increasingly relevant for marketers as people are increasingly curating their Web experiences. These days, people have an app across all their devices such as Apple watch, TV, tablet as well as phone. The entry of Apple into search and bigger ownership of deep linking is going to create a seamless experience for the users and Dash Nex Pages users should also be aware of this as well.

Deep linking platforms can also help in tackling various cross device attribution issues faced by marketers today in addition to providing a fully integrated experience. Brands will be able to have a complete understanding of the journey by a customer across social, e-mail, search, mobile as well as wearable devices as everything is completely integrated in this new ecosystem.

This will also enable brands to engage users at the right time and at the right place. Google has also taken a note of this and termed this engagement as the Zero Moment of Truth. This completely new system has the potential to offer intuitive remarketing. This new remarketing will allow marketers to go one step further as brands will be able to target the most relevant users who are most likely to make a purchase.

In simple terms, this new system will work more like a sixth sense for brands. They will be able to target consumers across devices by taking into account social data, geo-fencing data, browser behavior and other such factors across various devices. With the advances in deep linking technology, marketers will be able to have a 360 degree view of consumer behavior. However, the big question is whether Apple will be sharing this data as it starts playing in Google's backyard.

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