[UNCUT] ClickMSG Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Does Click MSG REALLY Help You Send Personal, Graphical Messages To Facebook Users Inbox In Just A Few Clicks?


ClickMSG Review

Are you leveraging the power of Facebook to reach more targeted customers? If you answered yes, you have probably created a ton of ads using a variety of formats in an attempt to generate clicks and improve engagement. The problem, however, is that Facebook users have developed “ad blindness.” And the fact that you’re using the same ad formats as everyone else doesn’t allow you to stand out from the competition.

The good news is that the guys over at Facebook have been hard at work. Their latest gift to marketers is Facebook Messenger Ads. Without coding skills, there is no chance for you to put these new ads into action. But using ClickMSG, you can create and deliver eye-catching graphical messages straight to your target visitors’ inbox.

Create Graphical Messenger Ads

What makes it difficult for most online marketers to get started with Messenger Ads is the fact that it requires knowledge about JSON programming. This could mean hiring a developer just for this specific purpose. If you don’t want to make that investment, then you can simply purchase ClickMSG. This software allows you to create beautiful graphical ads and send them to the FB inbox of prospects. You don’t even have to know a single line of code. Just enter the requisite details and your ad will be ready in no time.

Live Preview

Of course, you will want to see how your Messenger ads look like before deploying them. ClickMSG offers a live preview feature. Through this, you can decide whether enhancements are necessary to make your ad more effective and eye-catching. Again, you don’t have to worry about any technical stuff such as altering codes and syntax. The front end of the software contains everything you need, making it extremely simple to edit your ads in just a few clicks.

Save And Retrieve Ads

ClickMSG also lets you save and retrieve all the ads you have created. This comes in very handy especially when you plan on launching multiple campaigns. You can keep track of what ads produce the best results and duplicate them for future campaigns. It’s possible to modify your existing ads or generate JSON in mere seconds.

User Friendly

Even your grandma who knows very little about computers can get started with this software in no time. This is because it offers a streamlined process of creating Messenger ads. Once you have created your ads, all you have to do is export them to JSON and then paste into your Facebook ad page. Just like that, you can have your graphical Messenger ads up and running within minutes.

Final Thoughts

Can you imagine how beneficial it would be for your business to deliver personal messages to your prospects through their Facebook inbox? This can drive a lot of traffic, conversions, and sales. Not to mention, it can improve brand authority as well. ClickMSG allows you to use Facebook Messenger Ads to their fullest. It also comes with a 30-day refund policy, so feel free to check out the tool without fear of putting your money to waste.

Now, before you get too excited about Click MSG, realize that you won’t make a dime with this system unless you first target the right niche, get the right traffic, present the right offers and use proper conversion methods…

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Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The ClickMSG:

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