[UNCUT] Build My List 2.0 Review & Unique ‘Fast Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

Build My List 2.0 Review – Does The New Build My List 2.0 REALLY Help Build Massive ‘Buyer' Lists By Following Their Simple 5-Step Blueprint?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Build My List 2.0:

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Along with my Build My List 2.0 Review, I'm also including some interesting Facebook marketing news articles below:

Facebook Rolls Over Verified Badges For Local Business Pages

Authenticity is important in the world we live in today. With any business able to promote their presence online via Facebook it can make it difficult for people to figure out which ones to trust and which ones are illegitimate. This is especially important for businesses that sell products and services online. There is a great deal of value that can be added to a business when it does successfully have a positive reputation and can promote itself knowing that others will find it appealing. What that means is if a business is interested in gaining a better reputation online through Facebook that it needs to be verified with a badge. A badge verification can help people who are on the fence trying to decide whether or not to do business with a particular company to choose the right option of buying their product or service. This is always a good thing for businesses and especially great for consumers as they will be able to make better and informed decisions when purchasing products online. Any business that is interested in creating a Facebook page is going to want to have a badge on their professional page and how the new Build My List 2.0 is helping marketers get better at email marketing.

What many people do not realize is the fact that people can create Facebook business pages to act as if they are another business. This is fraud but in the process of this fraudulent activity a person can start to make money by posing as a company that has worked hard to generate followers and a steady stream of income. What is even worse about a fake account is that fact that is can literally steal revenue and customers away from the actual page. This is one of the many reasons why Facebook has allowed for the use of badges that can be verified. When a person is easily able to determine that the page they visit is an actual Facebook page for the company or entity they support and want to do business with they will instantly find it helpful. Badges can go a long way in helping a company remain relevant as well as to attract only the customers to their page alone. In the past it has been hard for companies to convince their audience that the page they have is their own but with badges people can instantly find the true pages from the fake ones.

For promotion purposes it is a wise decision to generate buzz when a business has been Facebook verified. This allows a business to spark interest from people who have not done business with it for quite some time. What many businesses do not see when a new feature like this is unveiled is the fact that they can take advantage of the opportunity for publicity. Chances are there are a lot of people on a mailing list that choose not to purchase products or a service for a particular company because they do not fully trust it. Yet when some type of authenticity comes into place from a company such as Facebook it can change the minds of a great deal of people. The added publicity and authenticity can help generate more sales over an extended period of time. Keep in mind that most businesses who receive support or a sale from a customer are more than likely to get repeat business. Badges on Facebook can not only help a page grow in numbers but it can also help it continue to receive constant sales so that is sees more stability and can grow further and Build My List 2.0 users will be able to capture visitors and re-market them via email.

A local business who has had a tough time to promote itself via social media can also see it beneficial to receive authenticity elsewhere. For instance, the vendor's website is a good place to put this badge. There is no telling which websites are actually legit and which ones are not. A way for a person to tell whether or not to purchase products from a business in general from the website is to view the contents of all its social media pages. Once a person sees the reputation of the business and whether it has been verified across important social media networks it can help a person choose to buy a product. This will evidently increase the number of followers a company can receive through their Facebook page. People who see Facebook verified badges on a website, Twitter account, Instagram account, Pinterst board, or another place they have a much likelier chance of clicking on that page. It's a good idea to take the time to add a legit badge to all Facebook businesses pages a person has, once they do that then they will begin to see the way they are treated overall and Build My List 2.0 users will be able to expand their reach beyond Facebook.

From here on out it should be the goal of businesses to acquire authenticity via Facebook. A page is more important than what people may think, and that is because image is everything in the world we live in today. Good news is that Facebook makes it easy to acquire a badge as all a local business needs is an address that can be verified. In a short amount of time a business that operates solely online can also see their page receive a Facebook badge as it is allowing these entities an option in the near future. With a growing number of people able to receive authenticity through Facebook it becomes a great place for brand recognition. Sales can be driven higher than ever before as Facebook also has targeted ads available. When those targeted ads have a snippet that states the page is Facebook verified then it can help increase the total number of clicks that the ad receives. Overall it is good that badges have been announced and added to Facebook because now in all of its marketing efforts a Facebook page can achieve a great amount of success. It's up to a business and page to take advantage of its promotion to see results.

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Facebook Updates News Feed For Slower Net Connections

Facebook has over 1.23 billion users globally but almost everyone in the developed world is already on the social network. It means that the growth in user numbers is going to come from the developing world and this is what is happening. More users in the developing world are now signing up for Facebook and how the Build My List 2.0 course is changing the way marketers think about email marketing.

However, this has also brought along some interesting challenges for the engineering team at Facebook. One of the bigger problems is that many of the new users in the developing worked are signing in to the social network with 2G mobile connection that is considerably slower than the connection speeds in the developed world where LTE and 3G is common. The latest update to the News Feed is all about allowing users to experience Facebook even when they are on a slower connection.

With this latest update, Facebook is now prioritizing and adjusting the content available on News feed depending on the mobile Internet connection speed. This new technical accommodation has been made with the help of a new open source Network Connection Class that has been created by Facebook. With the help of this new technology, Facebook is able to figure out the speed of the Internet connection of the user and the content is served in line with the connection speed. The goal is to always have something in the News Feed and improve the user experience and Build My List 2.0 members will be able to capture emails directly from the news feed section.

In simple terms, people who are connected to the social network on slower Internet connections are going to see more text and photo updates and lower number of high bandwidth consuming videos. This will allow the users to read the story in the News Feed while the rest of the content in the Feed loads in the background. All of this will be done in a seamless manner that prioritizes the content currently being viewed.

Facebook has already been displaying photos in the News feed in the progressive JPEG format which means that the lower quality versions of images are displayed while the higher quality version is still being downloaded. The end result of this new technology is that people are always going to have stories available to scroll through even when they are on slower net connection speeds.

In a blog post by Alex Sourov and Chris Marra on the subject, it is mentioned that people in developing countries connecting to internet at a huge rate and most of the people in these new markets are connecting via slower 2G connections. To ensure that another billion people are able to connect to the Internet using Facebook, new features need to be designed that work irrespective of the device and speed of Internet connection on mobile network and Build My List 2.0 users should also keep these facts in mind as well.

In simple terms, it means that people are able to load as well as scroll through stories on News Feed on all kinds of connection speed. The new updates on the News Feed are meant to improve the experience of users. This will ensure that News Feed works seamlessly and loads quickly for people in all parts of the world.

The News Feed team takes a number of factors into account to ensure that users are able to see the most relevant stories. The factors also include the type of device the user is on as well as the speed of the Wi-Fi connection or mobile network. These factors help the News Feed team determine the priority for the kind of stories to be shown in the News Feed. For instance, News Feed will include more links and status updates on a slower Internet connection instead of videos that hog a lot of bandwidth.

The open source Network Connection Class is used by News Feed team to determine the type of network a user is on. This helps the team in deciding the speed of the connection. With these recent updates, the News Feed will start retrieving more photos and stories on slower connections to ensure that stories are always available to the users as they keep scrolling the News Feed and Build My List 2.0 members can grow their business with the power of email marketing.

For instance, if a user is reading a post from a friend about their weekend, but they are doing so on a slower Internet connection, most stories will be loaded into the News Feed when the user is still reading the post to ensure that those stories are ready when the user has read the update from the friend.

Another change made in the News Feed is that if it is loading slowly, the first download will be of the story that the user is currently looking at instead of various other stories. For instance, if a user is looking at the photo posted by a friend or a photo from a page they liked, but that photo still hasn't fully downloaded, that particular photo will be prioritized for downloading instead of another story that the user has still not seen. In other words, the user will be able to see the most important photos or stories as quickly as possible.

Facebook is also investing in better image formats for loading photos at a fast rate. The progressive GBG format allows the team to start showing lower quality versions of the photos while better quality photos are still downloading. This makes the user see some photos instead of absolutely nothing and Build My List 2.0 members can get benefit from increase optin rates.

This also helps in lowering the amount of the data needed to be sent for photos to load and it also helps in downloading the photos quickly. This change was made for iOs at the beginning of the year and now this technology is available on Android as well.

The News Feed team has also taken user feedback into account. Earlier, users were not able to load any News Feed stories when the connection was of poor quality or congested. With this update, users will now be able to see previously loaded stories in their News Feed instead of not seeing anything. For instance, users will be open to News Feed and read stories that they have already seen when they are on an airplane.

The stories that are loaded from the previous visits in the News Feed are not re-retrieved to avoid wasting data. However, updates to the story are made when something has changed such as deletion of post or change in the number of likes and comments.

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