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Can Brandrr Help You Quickly Increase Your Authority & Branding with ‘Instant Expert Logos' That You Can Use to Create Multiple Revenue Streams?

Logo creation is a pain if you don't have the skills, and its one of the most expensive type of graphic to outsource. This is because designers know the value of logos. They create good, memorable branding, and its usually the first thing customers/visitors look at to judge the ‘visual appeal' of your brand.

Of course, businesses understand the value of great logos and are willing to pay the price for it. On Fiverr and other freelancing sites, logo design is one of the hottest, most in-demand services that continues to thrive.

But, since logo creation is difficult, Joey Xoto and his team designed the Brandrr software to make it a little bit easier, and faster to create custom logos that look'n'feel highly professional…and modern.

So lets dive right into the software to see how it works and if it can help you truly pump out high quality Logos and branding images in minutes:

Brandrr Review 1

Alright, so the first thing you'll notice about Brandrr is that its a web based interface, meaning its cloud hosted and you simply login to the member's area to start creating your first logo.

As you see in the screenshot above, you can click ‘Automate' to have Brandrr automatically create a variety of logos for you with a simple line of text, such as your company name.

Brandrr Review 2

There are a variety of industries to choose from. This helps Brandrr pick a suitable image/icon for your logo. So go ahead and enter your Company name and select the industry/niche that you're targeting.

Brandrr Review 4

As you can see, Brandrr will create many different logo variations, even the pick the images/icons and give you dozens of templates to modify. The nice thing is, this software will try to find relevant icons based on your company name! So if your company name is niche targeted, you'll get even better results with this tool.

Brandrr Review 4

Alright so now you have logo and its time to customize it. You can change the background, the colors, the text, draw additional elements around the logo, add shapes and much, much more.

Having this level of customization ability is important if you have design skills, and want to create a truly unique logo. Otherwise, you can simply use the logo as-is without making ANY customizations and be ready to roll in minutes.

Brandrr Review 5

As shown in the screenshot above, the text of the logo can be manipulated in a variety of ways. From opacity, to font size and even the type of font, you can totally change the text around to suit your preference. Its even possible to add backgrounds and outlines specifically to the text portion of the logo, making it stand out.

Brandrr Review 6

Now when it comes to the Icon of the logo, this is also highly customizable. There are ‘Layers‘ you can work with, similar to Photoshop, but without the high price tag. You can easily change the color of the icon, add special effects like shadows and borders, re-size it and make it perfectly fit the rest of your site's branding.

Brandrr Review 7

Ok, so once you're happy with your logo, simply click Save and Export it to your computer. You can save it at the resolution/quality that you wish, so if you're going to sell the logo to clients, its possible to upsell additional fees by giving them higher resolutions and transparency.

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of how this software works and how it really speeds up the logo creation process. It actually creates some pretty nice looking designs that I'm pleased with.

The BIGGEST benefit of Brandrr, by far, is that it can help you increase your brand's authority & trust instantly, enabling you to sell more products and services…and even charge high fees to other businesses looking for better logos and branding.

But, I do have to say that this software is far from ‘perfect'. First of all, there are hundreds of templates you can use, but if you're a really picky and talented designer, then you may not find every template suitable for your taste.

This software is mostly designed for time crunched internet marketers, not for expert graphic designers that like to spend a lot of time and effort creating logos.

The editing/customization capability of this software is great, but its by no means as advanced of Photoshop. This tool, no matter what anyone tells you, cannot and will not replace Photoshop. Also, I would have really liked to see additional templates in this software for creating banners, social media ads, etc.

Lastly, keep in mind that logos and branding are great for building a first impression, but if your actual offer…the content, product and services you're offering to your visitors is not of value, then Logos will NOT help you make any money at all.

Branding is great, but its useless without a good offer, good content and good products/services. And, you obviously need traffic and exposure before branding can help you. If no one sees your offers, no one can take action!

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Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Brandrr:

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