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If You Decide to Invest in 100K Revoution, Here's My Exclusive Bonuses That You'll Get…


My Team Will Build a Blog For You to Help You Get Organic Search Traffic ($500 Real Value)

1) One of the critical components of a store is a Blog where you have additional content. This increases credibility for your brand and attracts organic traffic. If you decide to purchase 100k Factory Revolution through my affiliate link, my team will actually build your Blog for you and create good, unique content for it (this is basically building a website for you). I own a local consulting marketing agency so I have the resources and expertise to get this done (I charge minimum $500 for this work).


I Will Manaully Research and Give You the Most In-Depth Audiences/Interests to Target on Facebook (hungry, passionate audiences that want to see your offers)

2) I will MANUALLY research and give you a list of 100s of interests to target, including recommendations on how to ‘overlap' the audiences. If you choose to purchase 100k Revolution through my link, you can send me the niche you want to target and I will personally research interests for you, give you the whole list, and make personal recommendations on how to use this audience most effectively (consider this expert consulting from a real marketer, worth atleast $200/hour).


My Writers Will Create 20 Unique Articles and Publish Them On Your Blog (to help you naturally get free traffic … $300 real value)

3) My team will develop 20 unique articles for the blog we'll create for you, and publish the articles on your blog to help you get organic search traffic (the articles will be written by native english speakers, researched and edited).


My Team Will Create & Distribute 3 Premium Press Releases and DISTRIBUTE Them to 200+ News Outlets (help your store build backlinks and attract even more free traffic)

4) My team will then create and distribute 3 Press Releases to ‘announce' your Store and build backlinks, so you can attract more FREE traffic. These are premium press releases that individually cost $50-$97 EACH to distribute, so they're a very valuable bonus I'm offering (these press releases go out to over 200 top news outlets … over $300 real value).


My Team Will Create 3 Premium Videos For Your Store/Products, Optimize Them For Youtube, and Promote Them to Help You Get Free Video Search Traffic

5) We'll also create 3 Explainer Videos (with animations and real voiceover) for your niche, optimize these videos for video sharing sites like Youtube, and then promote these videos by building backlinks & social signals (to help you get even more free traffic). The value of this bonus is easily $500, because we're actually creating AND promoting the videos for you.


I Will Share My Personal Breakthroughs In Ecommerce As I Continue to Develop My Own Stores (have an additional Coach & Mentor by your side)

6) As I actively work to build and scale my own ecommerce stores, I'll share with you more strategies that are working for me, and even recommend tweaks and improvements to your store. Consider it ‘coaching'. I'll share with you as I test new strategies, and you can reach out to me to get advice on your own store (again, this is expert consulting at your fingertips, worth $200/hour).


And in Addition to the Extremely Valuable Bonuses ABOVE, I'm Also Offering Exclusive Bonuses Below…







100K Factory Revolution Bonus 2

100K Factory Revolution Buy Now

100K Factory Revolution Optin

100K Factory Revolution Testimonials 1





100K Factory Revolution Buy Now

100K Factory Revolution Optin


Keep in mind that I've actually launched 3 ecommerce stores and I'm in the trenches with this stuff. I'm offering you personal, exclusive support to help fill the gaps that I KNOW exist with 100K Factory. These aren't cookie cutter bonuses…they are a full-featured package that I can separately sell (infact, I do sell my services to local and global businesses).




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