Does 100K Factory Revolution REALLY Give You a ‘Done-for-You' Way to Launch Profitable eCom Stores With Tiny Budgets & No Inventory?

Or Is It Another Over-Hyped System?

100K Factory Revolution Review Image

Hey guys, Hanif here and thanks for reading my 100k Factory Revolution review…

Although I've done pretty well with Affiliate Marketing (Amazon & Clickbank), Adsense and Local Consulting over the past decade (as a full-time internet marketer)…

Most of my success has come through SEO (Google & Bing). But with Facebook and social media becoming so hot over the past few years, I desperately wanted to crack the Facebook Ads code and generate revenue from it…

So I decided to jump into the ‘Facebook + Ecommerce' model over the past 4 months, after almost 2 years of studying it (yeah, I studied different Fbook traffic courses for 2 years before taking action). In the past 4 months, I've launched 3 ecommerce stores and had my fair share of failures and successes (I'll talk more about my stores in a second).

The most hyped-up training on the market right now for the ‘Fbook + Ecom' model is 100K Factory Revolution… and you've probably seen their case studies, or attended their webinars, or seen their sales video (I recommend atleast watching their sales video to get an overview of the program)…

I'm going to give you a ‘no holds barred‘ review of this program, complete with MY insights and honest opinion, as well as the pitfalls and drawbacks you need to be aware of. Getting traffic on Facebook is easy, but generating revenue and profit is MUCH harder. I'll also be sharing MY experience launching 3 ecommerce stores in the past 4 months, and walk you step-by-step through the 100k Revolution ‘7 step system' and software.

Alright, first off, lets talk about the 3 stores I launched…TWO of which are now successful, but ONE was a complete failure. Take a look at this screenshot:


Store #1 (My ‘Lead Funnel' Store)


This screenshot shows the results of a ‘lead funnel' that I setup to collect email subscribers from Facebook. I built an entire ecommerce store promoting jewelry. I collected people's email address by offering a ‘free giveaway'… basically people submitted their email to enter the giveaway/contest.

As you can see, from Nov-Dec of 2016, I collected over 800 email addresses. The Facebook ads worked pretty well, the audience was responsive, the comments were great, even my email open rates and email engagement was high!

But guess what…I barely made ANY sales. The store flopped and I stopped running Ads to it in January.

Yes, I sent out many followup emails to my list, ran promotions, talked about my brand, showed social proof, offered discounts…and still made very few sales.

LESSON LEARNED: Email leads from Facebook can be a hit or miss. I can tell you that collecting email addresses, especially in the jewerly market, may not be that lucrative.

Basically, if you're building an email list, you want to avoid freebie seekers. Running giveaways and contests are great for brand recognition and engagement, but aren't we all in this business to make Sales, and make Sales fast? Who cares about engagement if it doesn't generate sales!!

Now lets move on to Store #2 that I launched…


Store #2 (My Apparel Store Launched Jan 2017)


With this store, I decided to start with Apparel, and running a ‘flash sale' to a very specific niche targeted audience with Facebook Ads.

Here's a screenshot of the results:


As you can see, I started this around January 25th and in the past 30 days, we've generated a decent amount of Sales and there's momentum…

But let me tell you, there have been some challenges as well and I'm learning a lot in the process.

Basically, I ran a few different objectives and ad types, and I targeted different audiences (very specific). Here's the main lesson I learned:

LESSON LEARNED: Promote niche relevant products to a highly specific passion audience on Facebook…using the ‘Add to Cart' conversion objective. Promote a Flash Sale in your Ad (30-50% off for a limited time). I've found the Add to Cart facebook conversion objective to work really well.

I'll talk more about what I've learned with this store as I continue my 100k Revolution review later on.

Now let me talk about Store #3…


Store #3 (My B2B Industrial Supplies Store)


This is a very specialized store in the b2b industrial market, and this is something I was selling successfully many years ago. So, I decided to rebuild the entire store and give it a complete makeover.

ALL THE traffic to this store is from Google. I do not use Facebook to promote this store. It is entirely a combination of Google Adwords and Google Organic traffic.

Here are some recent results:


As you see above, almost all the sales came through Search(Google). Google can still send high quality traffic at a decent cost, and that traffic can convert better than Facebook traffic in many cases. I'll talk more about this store as I continue my 100k Revolution review below.

OK, so as you see, I'm in the trenches with this stuff. I'm not a millionaire with ecom stores, and I'm pretty much just like you.

Yes, I've been a successful internet marketer for over a decade, managing many projects over the years, but I only recently got started with the ‘Facebook + Ecommerce' model.


Whats the point I'm trying to make? I'm qualified to properly review this 100k Revolution program, and you should be careful whose opinion you take. MOST affiliate marketers promoting 100k Factory haven't launched their own stores… or they haven't invested much time into it. Be careful who you take advice from.


Alright, so lets get started with the ‘7 Steps' of the 100K Factory Revolution program and how all the pieces connect together:


Full Disclaimer: I am promoting the 100K Factory Revolution program and offering some exclusive bonuses (that you'll see later down this page) to greatly compliment it (infact, I know I have the best bonus package on the market). Just to be clear, you'll have to work your tail off and be patient to make money from this program, and I'll honestly mention the drawbacks/disadvantages so you can make a better decision for yourself.

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Step 1: Hand-Pick a Product


The creators of 100K Factory (Steve & Aidan) recommend selling a ‘social media friendly' product, something that will get likes and shares, but I have another insight to share…

My Insights: Pick Novely Items. Things that are cool, unique and hard to find in stores. The person looking at it should say ‘thats cool, haven't seen that before' to maximize your chances of success on Facebook.

Now inside the 100k Revolution training, they'll walk you step-by-step on choosing desirable products, by showing you how to research products that are already selling well online, have good margins, have a hungry audience, and pricing strategies. They recommend starting with items that are under $20, which is a good suggestion.

But, what makes this program unique is that they have a database of 1000+ products, pre-researched for demand and profitability, across hundreds of niches, so you can simply use their pre-researched products and start selling.

However, just a word of caution with this database, these are only ‘seeds'. You can start with one of their ideas, but you'll need to expand out your product selection and do your own research as you build out your backend (more on that below).

Personally, I would avoid starting with Jewelry, its quite saturated and competitive on Facebook, and as a beginner, its best avoid competitive markets. My Store #1 case study is a store promoting jewelry, and it has flopped with very few sales.


Step 2: Install Your Store


In Step 2 you'll be building niche specialized stores through their Command Center, which is basically a 1-click installation of a store with their pre-researched niches and products. The theme is setup, the layout is optimized, and the products will be populated for you.

Obviously, this is a very fast way to launch your store, but keep in mind that other members will also have access to these same stores and themes…

So to ensure success long-term, you'll NEED to make tweaks to make your store unique, and add additional products to it that you research on your own.

The nice thing is, the technical aspects of setting up a store have been solved for you, and the biggest benefit of having a niche specialized store is two-fold:

1) Increase conversions
2) More responsive buyers list

My Insights: The 2nd store I launched selling apparel (shown in my screenshots above), targets a very specific passion audience on Facebook and my conversions have been good and steady. Moreover, people are buying related items and I have a responsive email list using this approach. I definitely recommend starting out with a very specific, highly passionate niche and showing them very targeted products.

How I Can Help: One of the critical components of building a store is a Blog where you have additional content. This increases credibility for your brand and attracts organic traffic. If you decide to purchase 100k Factory Revolution through my affiliate link, my team will actually BUILD a Blog for you (on your store & domain) and create good, unique content for it (more details about my bonus towards the bottom of this page).


Step 3: Identify Your Buyers


This is the most important part of the whole system, as your Audience Targeting will make or break your campaigns. In Step 3, you'll be brainstorming your audience/interests. The brainstorming process starts by looking at these 6 factors:

1. Celebrities in the niche
2. Brands in the niche
3. Shows/Magazines in the niche
4. Niche specific websites
5. Where do the people in the niche shop
6. Who buys

To be honest, I learned some new things about targeting through their training info, and it seems they have this process down very thoroughly.

They also recommend ‘flex targeting', which is basically overlapping interests to get a more passionate audience. For example, if you know someone is interested in Swimming, and also interested in Running, you can assume they're a recreational athlete (and sell sports equipment to them).

But lets take this concept a step further: if you know a person Likes a specialized Swimming Magazine, and Likes a high-end brand of Running Shoes, you can be even more precise in identifying them as a recreational athlete (and sell sporting gear to them).

My Insights: I targeted a very specific audience for the 2nd store I launched, and ‘overlapped' it with another interest. What I found is that this type of ‘overlap' or ‘flex' targeting definitely gets better results, but it also makes your audience size smaller.

With smaller audiences, I've found that Facebook serves your Ad to the most passionate people FIRST, and over time shows it to the less passionate people. This can cause your conversions to jump over time, and needs to be monitored carefully. Basically, with smaller audiences, you have a major advantage the first few days when running Ads, and then that advantage slowly starts to fade.

How I Can Help: Even though 100k Factory offers a tool for building your facebook interests/audience, I will MANUALLY research and give you a list of 100s of interests to target, including recommendations on how to ‘overlap' the audiences (I can guarantee these interests/audiences will be more in-depth than anything you'll see).

If you choose to purchase 100k Revolution through my link (more details about my bonus at the bottom of this page), you can send me the niche you want to target and I will personally research interests for you, give you the whole list, and make personal recommendations on how to use this audience most effectively. These audiences are guaranteed to be more in-depth than what the 100K tool can uncover (because I'm using more advanced methods).


Want to See Detailed Case Studies & Winning Campaigns From 100K Revolution? Click Here



Step 4: Initiate Traffic Machine


In this step you'll be launching a $3/day campaign to ‘test' a new product to see how it converts…

But keep in mind that its not only about testing the product, its also about testing the audience.

Some products won't convert with one interest/audience, but convert with another interest/audience. For example, if you're selling sporting gear, you may find that that magazine related interests convert better than celebrity related interests.

So, you'll most likely need to setup multiple $3/day campaigns to properly test a specific product with different audiences…until you find a winner.

In my experience and from what I've seen from other marketers, once you get really good at the process, you can find a winner in 1 out of 3 attempts, meaning that 1 out of 3 Ads will be successful.

100K Revolution gives you pre-researched products and provides a very specific targeting strategy, so you should be able to become good at the process relatively fast – without too much guesswork. This is because you're learning from their successful students, which is key.

Another part of this system is the Vulcan Software, which will actually track the key metrics of your campaign and report results to help you find winners faster, and eliminate losers quicker.

The Vulcan software will mainly track these metrics for you and automatically make recommendations on what to do with your campaigns:

– Number of impressions
– Time the ad has been running
– Number of sales
– Conversion Rate
– Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
– Click Through Rate (CTR)

This data is extremely critical when you're testing products and when you're scaling your sales. There are other software available on the market, but having this available within your 100K Revolution Member's Area streamlines things and helps you implement a lot faster.

My Insights: As mentioned above, its not just about testing the product but also finding the right interest/audience to match that product. Product 1 may not sell well to Audience 1, but it could sell extremely well to Audience 2. So, to maximize your testing results, you'll probably need to run multiple $3/day campaigns for a single product – targeted to different audiences.

How I Can Help: Facebook is not the only source of traffic you should use. As I mentioned in my Store #3 case study, I know how to drive traffic from Google, both through Adwords and Organically. If you choose to purchase 100k Revolution through my affiliate link, my team will personally build a blog for you, develop 20 unique content articles for it, and publish them on your blog to help you get organic Google, Bing & Yahoo traffic (for free).

Moreover, my team will then create and distribute 3 Premium Press Releases to ‘announce' your blog content and build backlinks, so you can attract more organic traffic. These are premium press releases that individually cost $50-$97 each to distribute, so they're a very valuable bonus I'm offering.


Step 5: Optimize Conversions


This is a very important step after you've found winning products, because it can dramatically increase your ROI.

100k Revolution gives you a specific framework for increasing conversions, some of which are as follows:

– Test different pricing models
– Test different shipping models
– Pinpoint your winning buyer demographic
– Create different types of ads using a range of different kinds of media
– Expand into different international marketplaces (not just the USA)
– Leverage retargeting and look-alike audiences
– Optimize cart abandonment recovery
– Leverage the buyer email list
– Test website design tweaks
– Activate advanced conversion tools and plugins
– Leverage different traffic channels
– Expand to different selling platforms

My Insights: Creating different types of Ads, such as an Image Ad, Video Ad and Carousel Ad, and rotate between these 3 different media types can be very helpful in fighting Ad blindness (where people stop responding to your Ad)…and lower you CPC (cost per click). Cost per click is extremely important in keeping your ad costs low.

Another strategy I really like is to build an email list from ‘prequalified' visitors. Here's what I mean…if someone has clicked on your Facebook Ad showing a 50% off special, and then they land on your website, one of my favorite strategies is to show a Popup asking them to join our ‘monthly giveaway' to win a free item.

I've had good success building my email list using ‘giveaway popups', but as I mentioned in my 1st case study, you want to avoid freebie seekers from joining your email list at all cost. The way you avoid freebie seekers is by making your Facebook Ad very ‘sales oriented', so you only attract visitors who are interested in buying. Another way to avoid freebie seekers is by using ‘targeting exclusion' (a way you can exclude certain people from seeing your ad).

How I Can Help: As I actively work to build and scale my own ecommerce stores, I'll share with you more strategies that are working for me, and even recommend tweaks and improvements to your store. Consider it ‘coaching'. I'll share with you as I test new strategies, and you can reach out to me to get advice on your own store.

For example, there's a killer email followup app that I'm currently using, and its actually free to get started with. I'm not sure if you'll learn about this email app through the 100k Revolution community, but I'll share it with you and show you the best way to configure it if you purchase 100k Revolution through my link 🙂


Step 6: Launch Your Super Funnel


This is basically a lead funnel, where you send traffic to an optin page so they can subscribe to your list…and then present them with a series of offers to sell them stuff.

100k Factory Revolution comes with a software to help you create this funnel, which is basically an Optin Page > Upsell 1 > Upsell 2 > Downsell and similar format. The layout of these pages will be pre-optimized, so you can use their software to build out these funnels quickly, and know that they're ready to convert.

Launching a ‘Super Funnel' is NOT something you'll start with. Instead, once you've found a couple of winners, and started to scale them up, then you'll be crafting super funnels for these winners.

My Insights: Store #1 in my case study was an email funnel, and it failed. I found that the quality of leads I was getting on Facebook were very responsive and engaged, but unfortunately they were freebie seekers who didn't wanna buy.

However, with the 100K Revolution system, you'll be focusing on building these email super funnels ONLY after you've found some winners (I wish I would've had this information before I made the critical mistake of building my own funnel).

How I Can Help: When it comes to generating leads on Facebook, I've tested a lot of different approaches, and I can show you one of the best ways to avoid ‘freebie seekers'. I'm now generating pre-qualified leads who have shown an interest to buy, and these are the kind of leads you want in your own funnels.

If you purchase 100k Revolution through my link, I'll share my personal strategy for generating pre-qualified buyer leads from Facebook, which can help you increase your results from your 100K Super Funnels (more details about my bonus towards the bottom of this page).


What to Expect In Your Facebook and Ecom Journey


Look, you'll have to test products and be willing spend money to find ‘winners'. If you expect to find a winner on your first try, you're setting yourself up for dissapointment…

Infact, I can almost assure you that for the first couple of weeks you may not make any profit from running Ads, but you're buying DATA to help improve your campaigns.

This DATA will reveal important things about your audience, and the products you're promoting, and then you'll start gaining some traction.

Once you find a winner, scaling up is not going to be easy. 100k Revolution provides the VULCAN software to help track the metrics, but keep in mind that scaling a campaign is NOT as simple as just increasing the budget. Its also NOT as simple as launching Ads in different media formats (video, carousel, image), and its NOT as simple as finding the Ages/Genders (demographics) that are doing better and increasing your spend on those demographics.

Scaling a winner into a six-figure campaign can actually take WEEKS, if not MONTHS, and any ‘success stories' you've seen in 100K Factory of students doing it fast are RARE. Most people will not be able to scale that fast, but its possible over time if you stay focused and watch your metrics carefully.

The good news is, with the pre-researched niches/products, the 1-click store installation, the Vulcan software to keep track of your metrics, a lot of the ‘technical' learning curve is removed… so you can now focus on testing and finding winners (rather than spend weeks with the technical stuff)…

And they also have Ad Creation templates and resources to help you create good-looking ads very quickly, which can be another major stumbling block for most people.


Want to See Detailed Case Studies & Winning Campaigns From 100K Revolution? Click Here



Recap of How I Can Help You (My 100% Exclusive Bonuses)


I'll earn a commission if you purchase through my link, and as a recap, here's a summary of the specific bonuses I'm offering for 100K Revolution (these are 100% exclusive, created by me)…


My Team Will Build a Blog For You to Help You Get Organic Search Traffic ($500 Real Value)

1) One of the critical components of a store is a Blog where you have additional content. This increases credibility for your brand and attracts organic traffic. If you decide to purchase 100k Factory Revolution through my affiliate link, my team will actually build your Blog for you and create good, unique content for it (this is basically building a website for you). I own a local consulting marketing agency so I have the resources and expertise to get this done (I charge minimum $500 for this work).


I Will Manaully Research and Give You the Most In-Depth Audiences/Interests to Target on Facebook (hungry, passionate audiences that want to see your offers)

2) I will MANUALLY research and give you a list of 100s of interests to target, including recommendations on how to ‘overlap' the audiences. If you choose to purchase 100k Revolution through my link, you can send me the niche you want to target and I will personally research interests for you, give you the whole list, and make personal recommendations on how to use this audience most effectively (consider this expert consulting from a real marketer, worth atleast $200/hour).


My Writers Will Create 20 Unique Articles and Publish Them On Your Blog (to help you naturally get free traffic … $300 real value)

3) My team will develop 20 unique articles for the blog we'll create for you, and publish the articles on your blog to help you get organic search traffic (the articles will be written by native english speakers, researched and edited).


My Team Will Create & Distribute 3 Premium Press Releases and DISTRIBUTE Them to 200+ News Outlets (help your store build backlinks and attract even more free traffic)

4) My team will then create and distribute 3 Press Releases to ‘announce' your Store and build backlinks, so you can attract more FREE traffic. These are premium press releases that individually cost $50-$97 EACH to distribute, so they're a very valuable bonus I'm offering (these press releases go out to over 200 top news outlets … over $300 real value).


My Team Will Create 3 Premium Videos For Your Store/Products, Optimize Them For Youtube, and Promote Them to Help You Get Free Video Search Traffic

5) We'll also create 3 Explainer Videos (with animations and real voiceover) for your niche, optimize these videos for video sharing sites like Youtube, and then promote these videos by building backlinks & social signals (to help you get even more free traffic). The value of this bonus is easily $500, because we're actually creating AND promoting the videos for you.


I Will Share My Personal Breakthroughs In Ecommerce As I Continue to Develop My Own Stores (have an additional Coach & Mentor by your side)

6) As I actively work to build and scale my own ecommerce stores, I'll share with you more strategies that are working for me, and even recommend tweaks and improvements to your store. Consider it ‘coaching'. I'll share with you as I test new strategies, and you can reach out to me to get advice on your own store (again, this is expert consulting at your fingertips, worth $200/hour).


And in Addition to the Extremely Valuable Bonuses ABOVE, I'm Also Offering Exclusive Bonuses Below…







100K Factory Revolution Bonus 2

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100K Factory Revolution Testimonials 1





100K Factory Revolution Buy Now

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Keep in mind that I've actually launched 3 ecommerce stores and I'm in the trenches with this stuff. I'm offering you personal, exclusive support to help fill the gaps that I KNOW exist with 100K Factory. These aren't cookie cutter bonuses…they are a full-featured package that I can separately sell (infact, I do sell my services to local and global businesses).

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