[UNCUT] Smart Member 2.0 Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus

Does Smart Member 2.0 Let You Quickly Create Profitable Membership Sites That Drive Recurring Revenue and Help You Build a Stable, Long-Term Business?

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Many internet ‘business models' are designed to generate quick cashflow, exploit loopholes, and die a quick death. Yes, most newbies fall into the trap of chasing quick loopholes, so even if they make some money, the income dries up quickly.

Membership sites, where you have real subscribers and customers, help you obviously establish a long-term business, but membership sites haven't been very easy to create. Some of the scripts and platforms are complicated, while others lack important marketing features.

Smart Member 2.0 is a membership site creation platform that promises to be simple and easy to use, while offering all the powerful marketing features needed to maximize conversions. So, lets dive right into this platform to see how it works and if it can deliver on its promises:


Alright, so when you first login to your Smart Member dashboard, you'll see an intuitive dashboard that lets you easily create your membership site(s). When you click on ‘Settings' on the left navigation menu, you'll be able to edit all your personal details, and most importantly, add multiple email addresses you own. This way, you can access your Smart Member's dashboard from multiple email logins.


The dashboard has 3 main tabs you'll notice on the top-left, labeled ‘Browse', ‘Design' and ‘Build'. When you click on the ‘Browse' tab, you'll be able to see all the sites that you've created, contributed for or even joined as a member.

Basically, with Smart Member, you have the ability to create unlimited membership sites depending on the plan you choose, and all your sites will appear under the ‘Browse' tab.

Under this tab, you can also see the sites you've joined as a member. With Smart Member, you can join other people's membership sites if they've listed it in the Smart Member directory. This directory is designed to help publishers cross-promote their sites.


Ok, the next step is to click the ‘Design' tab to start editing one of your membership sites. Here, you have the ability to customize the following with a few clicks:

– Top Navigation Tabs (change the icons, positions, sizes and more)
– Logo (various positions, sizing)
– Page Background (fluid, boxed, colors)
– Text (the colors of the text of your site)


Basically, you can update your logo, your navigation menu style, the various colors on your page and make everything match the look'n'feel of your brand…without needing to know any code or have any design skills.


Alright, now its time to start building out your membership site, and there are a variety of things you can do. I'll try to provide a summary:


You can add lessons and modules to your membership site, as well as blogposts and regular articles as in a normal site. Additionally, you can also have webinars inside your site, provide an area where your members can access their downloads, and display ‘Notices‘ which are attention grabbing popups.


The membership management is full-featured, allowing you to add/delete members, grant them various access levels (free, silver, gold, etc) and even give limited-time passes to promote your site.


This area lets you customize the right-hand sidebar that your members will see inside your site. These are basically banners that you can use to highlight content or promote offers.


One of the most powerful promotion methods is to recruit affiliates to promote your site. You can easily offer an affiliate program and fully manage it with the Smart Member software. Its even possible to run affiliate sales contests to give sales-boosting incentives.


This area lets you customize your membership site settings, including the Nav Bar your members see, as well as make your site visible in the Smart Member directory. The Smart Member directory is a listing of all the membership sites that other Smart Member users have created. You can list your site in this directory and get free traffic and leads!



Apps are really cool because they allow you to extend the functionality of Smart Member. Whether its integrating with Facebook, JVZoo, Clickbank, Paypal, Sendgrid, or Stripe, the apps integration is constantly growing with major ones being added regularly.


One of my favorites features of Smart Member is the built-in autoresponder and email list management tool. Basically, you can create unlimited 'email lists', each one targeted to a sub-niche if you wish. So if you have lots of different membership sites, you can have lots of different email lists in multiple niches!


After you create an email list, the next step is to write the emails that you want your subscribers to receive. You can choose to ‘segment‘ the email messages, meaning that only specific lists and segments of your subscribers can see an individual message. This lets you customize your email marketing and send very targeted emails to your list(s).


Smart Links is a cool feature that lets you split test various pages and promotions to see which ones are converting the best. Think of it as a link shortener and split testing tool in one, letting you optimize your campaigns for maximum sales and earnings.


A membership site is not complete without great support, and Smart Member makes it easy to offer support to your customers. They can easily submit support tickets, and you'll be able to login and check which tickets are Open, Pending or Solved. Its a well organized ticket management system that appears very professional to your customers.


Another great add-on to Smart Member is ‘Bridge Pages‘, which is a landing page tool directly integrated with Smart Member. Bridge Pages is a nifty tool for creating Optin pages, landing pages, webinar pages, bonus pages…pretty much any type of marketing page you want.

As you see in the screenshot above, there are 4 templates to choose from.


And you can modify each template by changing the header, the main content, the CTA buttons, the footer and much more. This is a quick and simple way to create custom marketing pages that you can use to promote anything you want.

Alright, so now that you've gotten a sneak peek at Smart Member 2.0, the real question is, what is the BIGGEST benefit of investing in it?

The BIGGEST benefit of Smart Member 2.0, by far, is that it lets you rapidly create unlimited Membership Sites that are optimized for high conversions and recurring income…without having any coding or design skills.

Drawbacks of Smart Member 2.0
(What I Don't Like)

Look, this is a great membership site creation tool with a lot of nice extras…

But at the end of the day, its useless unless you have good content to offer your member's in the first place. Your offer has to be good, your content has to be valuable, and more importantly, it has to match your audience.

And to find your audience, you'll need to get out there and promote your membership site. In other words, you'll need targeted traffic. Smart Member won't automatically drive traffic to your sites (except through the Smart Directory). You still need to put in the effort to find members and keep them happy.

So, to help solve some of these issues and add value, I've created an exclusive bonus called the ‘Smart Member Fast Profit Academy'.

Inside this Academy, I'll give you the exact tips, tools and Done-for-You service to help you get targeted buyer traffic from multiple sources, and then convert that traffic into leads and sales.
Smart Member 2.0 Review BonusSmart Member 2.0 Bonus

Smart Member 2 Bonus

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Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Smart Member 2.0:

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Smart Member 2 Bonus

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