[UNCUT] Shoplicate Review & Unique ‘Fast Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

Shoplicate Review – Can the Shoplicate Ecommerce System REALLY Help You Launch Profitable, High ROI Campaigns Within Hours…Without Needing to Stock Inventory?


(read on for my complete Shoplicate review and premium bonus)

Hey guys, Hanif here and welcome to my Shoplicate review…

Selling physical products is all the rage recently, but the truth is, its not easy to sell products online. The more popular a product is, the more competitors you have and the more choices the consumer has. So the question is, why would they purchase from you?

Shoplicate aims to solve this problem by researching and handing you ‘best selling' products that are under the radar, not overly competitive and with trending demand. Obviously, if you can sell products that don't have too much competition, yet they're high in demand, you can do pretty well with ecommerce.

Ok, so as you may know, Shoplicate comes with 4 modules of training so you can learn how effectively sell physical products through Facebook advertising. In this review, I'm not going to cover the Training modules because I want to jump right into the software…

But before I review the software, just keep in mind that the Training Modules of Shoplicate cover the following topics:


Setting up your Shopify Store (this is very basic information. Shopify is extremely easy to setup but they do walk you through the process and point out little things that can increase conversions and results)

Fast Ad Setup (the type of Facebook Ads and images you should be using for fast results, and how to do targeting in the simplest way possible. Steps for fulfilling your products are also covered).

Conversion Boosters (you'll see the 11 things that major retailers use to build trust and authority, while building up desire and scarcity for their products)

Facebook Ads Mastery (in the beginning you'll learn the fastest and simplest way to setup Facebook Ads, but then in this training more intermediate and advanced strategies will be covered, mainly dealing with retargeting and viral traffic campaigns to help you get the most ‘targeted buyer' traffic at the cheapest cost possible).

Shoplicate Ecommerce Spy App

Alright so this is really the most attractive part of this whole product, the ecommerce spy app.

When you first login to your Shoplicate member's area (yup, there's nothing to download, its a cloud hosted app), you'll be greeted by the main dashboard:


You can put in a broad keyword or niche, and Shoplicate will bring back all the trending keywords or topics related to that niche, so you can identify hot selling products to match those trends.

On the left hand side of your dashboard, you'll notice a small tab called ‘Shopify Spy'. When you click that tab, the following screen will load up:


Here, you can put in any keyword and Shoplicate will bring back all the popular Shopify stores it can find, along with the store's best sellers and their traffic volume! And with one click, you can see the hottest selling items in the store:


As well as some detailed traffic stats, such as monthly visits, time on site and where that traffic is coming from… so you can accurately guage overall demand for that niche:


If Shopify stores aren't enough, and you want to dig into a major auction site like Ebay, you can easily spot the high sales volume and the most watched products on Ebay in your niche:


Another cool feature of Shopify is the ‘Wanelo Spy' research, so you can see the most gifted items in that network, along with the Price and Save Counts. All you have to do is input a keyword and Shoplicate will dig up the research and present it to you:


Many people are still into selling T-Shirts, and its still one of the fastest ways to start selling physical products online. This software brings back the hottest designs from a variety of different sites, so you can mimic that design and have a much higher chance of successful campaigns that tip:


One of the most fastest growing marketplaces online is AliExpress, where international shippers sell millions of products daily. You can tap into AliExpress and find the most favorited, highest selling products related to you niche/keyword with just a couple of clicks:


Ali Express is also great for fulfillment. You can find vendors to purchase products from, and find vendors who offer attractive dropshipping terms.

No discussion of ecommerce is complete without mentioning Amazon, so Shoplicate also has an Amazon research tool that brings back the best-selling and highly reviewed items for any keyword you enter:


And lastly, one of the most powerful features of this tool is giving you actual campaigns on Facebook that are working really well…


By searching Facebook for ‘free shipping' and ‘hot t-shirt' offers, it can instantly bring back campaigns that are successfully running on Facebook at the moment, so you can get duplicate them and get similar results!

Ok, so hopefully you have a much better idea of what Shoplicate is and how it can help you…

The BIGGEST benefit of Shoplicate, by far, is that it helps you uncover ‘hot trending' products with low competition, so your chances of getting cheap traffic and high sales is much higher. It saves you from wasting advertising dollars.









Along with my Shoplicate Review, I'm also including some interesting mobile marketing news articles below:

13 Stats Every Mobile Marketer Needs To Know

There is no denying the fact that data is the lifeblood of marketing. You can't even start thinking of success in online marketing without going through huge amounts of data. There are more than 100 important elements to explore when it comes to mobile statistics for marketers. However, everyone does not have the time to look at 100+ mobile statistics. Here is a list of the 13 most important statistics that every marketer should know to create winning marketing campaigns and how the new Shoplicate software is helping ecommerce business owners discover profitable products.

So, here it comes. The first important statistic you need to know is that there are more than 7.3 billion people on earth. China has a population of 1.4 billion, India is home to 1.28 billion people and US is the third most populous nation at 325 million. While these numbers do not mean much on their own, these will come into play when you take a look at the global Internet as well as mobile adoption.

It is estimated that currently there are 3.13 billion Internet users globally. Keep in mind that Internet users here include mobile as well as desktop usage. The top three countries when it comes to Internet users include China, US and India. China has 641.6 million Internet users, US is second with 279.8 million users and India is the third with 243.2 billion Internet users and Shoplicate members will be able to spy on thousands of online stores to see what sells.

However, these numbers do not tell you the whole story. Mobile is behind this global Internet growth. As of today, it is estimated that almost 43% of the population on earth has Internet access and mobile is driving this growth.

While there are 7 billion mobile subscriptions on a global basis, the number of unique global mobile users stands at 3.65 billion currently. In simple terms, this discrepancy between the number of mobile users and number of mobile subscriptions can be described with the help of Pareto principle or the 80:20 rule. It can be assumed that 20% of the population account for the extra 3.4 billion mobile subs.

Another important number that marketers need to know is that 1.91 billion people are estimated to have smart phones out of 3.65 billion mobile users globally. Leading market research firm, eMarketer, estimates that 2 billion people will have smart phones by 2016 and 50% of the mobile users globally will have smart phone by the year 2018.

Out of these 1.91 billion smart phone users, 500 million are in China which is not only the most populous country but is also the number one country when it comes to number of Internet users. Around 200 million people in US have a smartphone currently and Shoplicate users are able to tap into this industry and see what people want to buy.

These numbers become important when you consider the fact that a substantial part of the global mobile user population does not have a smartphone which means that text or SMS campaigns are still effective for them. In fact, SMS campaigns remain the only way to get in touch with users without any smart phone. Therefore, mobile marketers should consider using traditional marketing tactics or SMS marketing to connect with customers in developing countries or in countries with low smartphone penetration.

If you are wondering how all those smart phone users spend their time, they are spending a lot of Internet minutes on social media. It is estimated that there are currently 1.68 billion mobile social accounts. While the biggest social network in the world, Facebook remains second, this field is led by WeChat. Another statistic which is growing at a fast pace is mobile video.

It is estimated that 55% of mobile data usage in 2014 was accounted for by mobile video. Short form video platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram video and Vine are growing at a fast pace but long videos are still doing great on Facebook and YouTube which means that hosting video locally has a lot of advantages.

Video becomes important when you consider the fact that 65% of the population globally is estimated to be visual learners. Another important statistic to think about is that 80% of Internet users use their smart phones for searching the web but a growing section of internet users, currently at 9%, use their smart watches for searching and video marketing is something that Shoplicate users should strongly consider as well.

Marketers need to think strategically about paid search and organic reach as screen size gets smaller and smaller with time. Mobile ad spend continues to grow and is expected to top $100 billion globally by 2016. However, marketers will continue to be challenged as the screens keep shrinking and customers increasingly find attempts to sell as intrusive.

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Mobile Ads Create 80% Increase In Store Visits In 24 Hours

One of the most important changes that has happened in the last five years is the advent of not only smartphones, but tablet computers. In particular, this changes the way that advertisers are beginning to target customers that may be interested in purchasing products on the web. More people than ever before spend a significant amount of time shopping from their smart phone instead of actually going to a regular store. It helps them save time, but the main complaint that consumers have had is that it is very difficult to use a smart phone, or even a tablet, in order to finalize the purchase. A significant amount of information needs to be entered in in order to complete the transaction, and applications have been designed as of late that can auto fill, making it easier for people to buy virtually anything. According to a new report from NinthDecimal, a report entitled Mobile Audience Insight Report, over 50% of consumers back in 2014 woodshop with a mobile device, even over a laptop, before making a purchase. Additional evidence showed that about 35% preferred using a smartphone over a tablet, further narrowing their focus. This article will address how and why mobile advertising is becoming more popular, and what real world companies are doing to cater to the needs of consumers that would prefer to do everything from their phone, especially if they are in close proximity to the stores where the items are located and how the Shoplicate e-commerce tool is helping people find the latest product trends.

What This Study Revealed

The study revealed many different findings which was a combination of both a survey of data collected and a behavioral survey of sorts. Mobile marketing efforts, based upon this information, seem to be driven by this desire of the consumer to use their smart phone for as many transactions as possible. NinthDecimal also showed that what is called the share of mobile commerce purchases went up as in store buying went down. PC purchases remained about flat, but there are a few things that were not discussed. For instance, what is the pattern that was detected from the customers that were making the purchases? Were they at home, at stores, or were they simply on vacation looking for something to buy? With all of the data that is available that can position people physically, it would be advantageous to collect this data to further refine the type of advertising that needs to be focused upon.

How In Store Visits Increased Sales

One valid piece of data that was discussed was that 80% of in-store visits were the result of mobile ad exposure. In fact, after seeing advertising on their mobile phone, people were more likely to come into the store itself, up to six days later, as a result of seeing these ads on their mobile phone. Not much is presented about the type of advertisements that were popular, or that motivated them to come in. Essentially, they were offer-based ads, ones that were shown in close proximity to where a store actually was, prompting this incredible trend. The final data showed that the increase was usually less than 5 miles away from a store location. As far as conversions, people that were within 2 miles of a store location tended to actually purchase the products they were viewing. This lends credence to the fact that geo-targeting can be very valuable, although this typically focuses upon people based upon their state or city. As you'll targeting becomes more refined, it may be possible to actually track people in proximity to stores, display ads when they are within 5 miles of a store, motivating more people to come in to make a purchase and Shoplicate members will be able to take this data and use it to sell one of the popular products they find.

Cross Device Marketing

One other thing to think about when marketing is whether or not to show the same advertisement on every device. Testing typically involves using the same advertisement, making subtle tweaks along the way to improve upon the ads. They may also find that serving the same ad on different platforms such as desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablet computers will yield completely different results, especially when looking at proximity to stores, when determining what works best for physical brick-and-mortar businesses and Shoplicate users can also take advantage of cross device marketing to help enhance their efforts.

It is clear that mobile advertising has come quite a long way, and this has a lot to do with technology. More people use their phones than any other device that they have, which is why it makes sense to put advertising on them. Whether these are on applications that they download and use frequently, or the advertisements that can only be seen by those viewing from a mobile device on a regular website, there seems to be a trend that clearly shows that mobile users are more ready to buy than ever before after seeing an advertisement on their phone. Using this basic information, it should motivate most people to focus more intensely on mobile advertising, whether they have a real world store or one that is an e-commerce store on the web.

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Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Shoplicate:

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