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Evil Traffic Magician Review – Does The New Evil Traffic Magician Guide REALLY Help You Drive Tons Of Targeted Traffic In Any Niche By Using Dr. Ben's Unorthodox Strategies?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The Evil Traffic Magician:

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Along with my Evil Traffic Magician Review, I'm also including some interesting marketing social media news articles below:

Facebook Announces Inclusion Of 360 Degree Video In The News Feed

Video technology is moving at a fast pace. The world's biggest video streaming website, YouTube, started supporting 360 degrees videos last March and now, Facebook has also brought this experience to its News Feed. The biggest social network in the world recently announced that people can now upload and watch 360 degree videos in their News Feeds and how the Evil Traffic Magician is helping marketers get more traffic.

Currently, this feature will be available on desktop and on the Android app only. Apple users will have to wait but the company said that they plan to roll it out on Apple devices within the next few months. Facebook has tied up with a number of media partners that include Discovery, Star Wars, LeBron James, VICE, GoPro and Saturday Live among others.

Anyone with a video shot in the 360 degree mode can now upload videos to Facebook and share it with others. The desktop users will be able to click and pan within these videos. Users on mobile devices can tap on the video and explore the current scene by moving their phones around the scene.

Star Wars has uploaded several videos showing parts of the upcoming movie, LeBron James showcases his workouts in 360 degree videos, SNL shot part of its 40th anniversary in this format, VICE shared a video shot on the ground in Afghanistan and Discovery is going to share several shark adventures in this format and Evil Traffic Magician members will be able to benefit from outside of social media traffic.

Engineers in Facebook collaborated with their counterparts in the Oculus division to bring this feature to the core product. The videos on the desktop look just fine as you click on the video for shifting your perspective. It feels like using the familiar Google maps Street view feature. However, the technology really comes into its own on a mobile device as it makes use of the gyroscope inside the phone to provide an immersive experience.

The technology tracks the relative position of the user inside the video and makes it a fun experience. Even though Facebook is not the first company to offer this technology, this inclusion of this innovation in the News Feed shows how Facebook plans to move forward. By including this new technology in their news feed, Facebook is also giving this new technology a chance to break out into the mainstream as more than 1 billion people check out their Facebook News feed each month.

The company says that this is the next step in the evolution of News Feed. The News Feed started with just text and then slowly started including images and videos which then led to auto play video. The director of product development, Will Cathcart, says that the 360 degree video is really cool and adds a new experience to the core product. Cox also said that the engineers at Facebook word worked closely with their colleagues at oculus as it is developing the same technology for its virtual reality platform and Evil Traffic Magician users will be able to take advantage of video marketing as well.

Facebook is slowly becoming the go to platform for sharing videos. In fact, it is now closely behind YouTube when it comes to video streaming. Video is widely expected to dominate the News Feed going forward and integration of innovations such as 360 degrees videos is going to make it an immersive and fun experience.

Currently, the biggest problem with this video format is that there aren't enough cheap devices in the market to shot a 360 degree video. A spherical camera system is needed to shot video in this format. This camera simultaneously records a scene from all the possible angles.

One of the most affordable options costs around $800. Some companies are coming up with new products but those are also expected to cost upwards of $350. With virtual reality evolving at a fast pace, it's not too hard to imagine when this format will become the standard for videos.

All the videos on Facebook in this format will have a 360 label on the video. To watch these videos on Android, the users need to use the latest version of the Facebook app. Also, they need to have Android 4.3 or later. Currently, these videos are supported only on Firefox and Chrome but not on Internet Explorer or Safari.

Overall, with the inclusion of this video technology in the News Feed, it won't take long for 360 degree videos to become popular and hopefully, it will become the standard format for videos in the coming years.

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The Social Media Shiny Object Syndrome – What Is It And How To Cure It?

Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, entrepreneur or just an ordinary Joe, you have probably asked yourself at some point: Which social media platforms should I build a presence on? Many would say that you should definitely use all social sites available. After all, you should maximize your reach so you have more chances of promoting your products or services. Right? Well, things aren’t as straightforward as that. The need to be everywhere has become an illness: The Social Media Shiny Object Syndrome and how the Evil Traffic Magician training course is teaching people how to get more targeted traffic.

As with any other illness, the SMSOS manifests itself through different symptoms. The primary symptom is the urge to be everywhere yet you end up not getting anywhere at all. You might feel anxious when you’re not on a certain social media platform, or you feel like you’re missing out on a huge opportunity if you only maintain a handful of social profiles. The SMSOS also almost always results to poor marketing campaigns because you can’t focus and follow-through in the most efficient manner.

If you find yourself asking, “What platform should I use?” the prescription is actually quite simple: Use the platforms which you can be active on consistently. You don’t have to chase the next shiny object like a young child would in a toy store. Remember that the most important thing is that you capture your target audience. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin; the opportunity cost of juggling multiple social media profiles could be very high, and you might end up actually on the losing side when you look at your bottom line and Evil Traffic Magician members should also be asking these same questions.

8 Ways To Prevent Or Cure The SMSOS

1. Don’t let numbers fool you.

When it comes to social media marketing campaigns, a lot of marketers get caught up by astonishing numbers. Amassing a huge amount of likes, shares and followers seems to be all the craze. But don’t let numbers fool you. This isn’t to say that social metrics aren’t important, because they are. It’s just that they aren’t always indicative of the bigger picture. You can get a ton of hits on one post, but get a measly amount of views on your next one. The real challenge comes in consistently engaging your viewers.

2. Set realistic goals.

Do you want to generate 50 new leads through social media? That’s a great goal to strive for. But right now you might only be getting a couple per month. This could get very frustrating. The key here is in setting realistic goals. Build strategies around your benchmarks so you can get closer to your goals. This way, you’re setting yourself up for success right from the get go.

3. Have something to promote.

Social media is primarily used to build and nurture relationships. It’s an avenue in which you can share content and push people to visit your website or other online channels. This means that you need to have something to promote in the first place. You can’t afford to be simply “social.” Posting links and photos every now and then wouldn’t get you anywhere. You must provide content that your viewers would find valuable and Evil Traffic Magician users should also pay attention to this data.

4. The Big 4 may not be your Big 4.

Many would tell you that you should focus on the Big 4, namely: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. But take this advice with a grain of salt. These platforms may work wonders for certain businesses, but this doesn’t mean they would bring the same results for you. Again, you should determine where your target market spends time online. They may not be using Google+, so it’d be a total waste to set up campaigns there. Instagram may not be on the so-called Big 4, but if it produces results, then keep using it.

5. Create unique content on each platform.

An effective social media marketing campaign must have a solid content creation strategy. You must ensure that you provide unique content on each social platform you use. Remember that people utilize social media sites differently. What goes viral on one platform may not do well on another.

6. Stick with what works.

Sometimes, you would find yourself working on a certain social platform that brings outstanding results, but you absolutely hate using the site. This is unfortunate, but you have to do what’s good for the business. Just stick to it and try to find ways that would make your experience with the site more comfortable and rewarding and Evil Traffic Magician members will be able to use specific social media marketing strategies to drive more traffic.

7. Master one site before moving on to the next.

Mastering one social platform can prove challenging already, what more if you juggle multiple social profiles? Be sure that you completely understand one platform first before you shift your focus on the next. This is an excellent way to avoid burnout, so you can keep going with your social media marketing campaigns.

8. Don’t get too caught up with social media.

Social media is extremely powerful. Nobody would question this fact. But it’s not the be-all, end-all marketing approach for your business. At the end of the day, you should take a look at your bottom line and see what brings results and ditch what doesn’t.

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