[UNCUT] EasyVSL 2.0 Review & Unique ‘Fast-Profit’ Bonus (Done-For-You)

EasyVSL 2.0 Review – Does The New EasyVSL 2.0 REALLY Help You Create Engaging & High-Converting Video Sales Letters With Their Proven 10-Step Process?


Here's a ‘Preview' Video Where I Give a Very Brief Overview of The EasyVSL 2.0:

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Along with my EasyVSL 2.0 Review, I'm also including some interesting Yahoo and YouTube marketing news articles below:

Third-Party Viewability On Offer With YouTube Now

YouTube is going to be making changes to how advertisers can see the information in front of them on the platform. In the past, Active View had to be used in order to get ad viewability stats and that was not always easy on the advertisers. There are comprehensive options on the market at this point in time and those are the ones which are going to be allowed into the fray in 2016. Let's take a look at what this change is going to mean for the platform and how the new EasyVSL 2.0 software is helping marketers create engaging video sales letters.

External Measurement Vendors Allowed

Ad viewability was long restricted with regards to who could display it. The emphasis was on the internal option that had been built up in the form of “Active View” and that did a good job, but there was a sense of restriction to how much could be seen.

This is why YouTube wanted to bring things together as that would make it easier to get good results in general. They realized it was time to bring in full value and simplify matters for those who wanted to get their own ad vendors. Rather than forcing a specific internal option, they have decided to allow external ones.

Major Vendors Come Into Play

There are a number of major vendors that are going to come into play with the new approvals that have gone out. YouTube was taking a look at the vendors who would be able to track this information and they have released the names of a few who are allowed to do this now and EasyVSL 2.0 members will be able to benefit from video sales letters.

These vendors include the likes of DoubleVerify, ComScore, Moat, AdScience, and Integral. They will be allowed to get into the action early into next year. This is going to be a gradual change that is going to be seen with ad viewability.

Sets Better Standards For YouTube

YouTube wants to remain ahead of the market and that is only going to happen, if they are able to stick to the changes that have to be made. Ad viewability was key and making sure third-party vendors could get involved was also imperative for long-term results.

If the standards were not set as needed, the results were not going to be on par with what the were looking for. This is the value of making sure advertisers are getting full value for the money being put in and could get a proper look into what they were getting along the way.

More Transparency

There were a lot of things being hidden in the past and not always on purpose. The set up in place had to do with how things were being restricted with regards to access. This was always getting in the way. YouTube had to make a proper change in order to make sure everything was as transparent as needed.

A solution that is not transparent was never going to stick for too long. Google understood this with YouTube and wanted to switch it up with regards to ad viewability.

They believed this solution would make it an easier sell to advertisers and EasyVSL 2.0 users will be able to gain an advantage.

Just For Video Ads Right Now

How is the third-party viewability going to be brought into action for Youtube? It is going to be brought in with the idea of only using it for video ads. This is the only way to go to make sure the results are in place slowly. There is no need to rush and they understand this.

The first test is going to be run on video ads to see how the market responds to the changes that are being implemented. This is always key for those who want to be sure about what is being done on the platform. If they rush, the results might not be significant.

Complete Overhaul Expected Eventually

For now, the emphasis is going to be left with the video ads, but that is just a testing phase at this point in time. There is going to be a lot more work at play after the changes are put in. There are many platforms that are going to dip their feet with this, but YouTube is not going to be one of them.

The change is going to be spread in general. However, eventually it is going to be spread across the entire social network and that is what they are hoping to do.

Emphasis On Ad Impressions

AOL with its Millennial Media had to make changes first and did so with their new viewability options. They designed a platform that was going to make it easier to focus on ad impressions. This meant advertisers would be able to focus on ad impressions rather than forcing the issue with the status quo and EasyVSL 2.0 members will be able to maximize the results from the impressions.

The goal was to make sure the alteration being made was moving forward and that is what AOL decided to do and the results are there for one and all to see. It is making a proper difference.

Simplifies Matters

The reason brands are going to appreciate this change comes down to simplification. In the past, the restrictions in place made it hard to find the right options to get things done. Google understands these changes are going to be a must and have put them in place to get things going in the right direction as required b the market. They are looking to stay ahead of the curve at this point in time.

The changes have been coming and had to be put in as soon as possible. If Google didn't do this, they were starting to lose the interest of one and all in the world of marketing. It was starting to take a toll on the eventual results coming and the bottom line is always going to have a role to play in the long-term. Those whoa re not meticulous about this are the ones who are going to lose out the most in the industry. Google understood this and start to implement third-party viewability as soon as they could.

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Smart Stream Aims To Turn Yahoo Aviate Into An Intuitive Homescreen But Is It Enough?

Yahoo! is taking on a daring challenge – reimagining your home screen. Yahoo Aviate wants to be your new home screen by organizing your apps and widgets in a convenient and stylish way. “Smart Stream” is the latest feature added to Yahoo Aviate and aims to make this homescreen more intuitive than ever by suggesting apps, actions and searches in function of your habits and of the context and how the EasyVSL 2.0 system is changing the way marketers create video sales letters.

“Smart Stream” displays different information cards throughout the day. The cards are based on your location and on the actions you usually take on your Smartphone. This feature allows you to launch apps, conduct searches and perform device actions without requiring you to go dig for the app you need.

“Smart Stream” is an intuitive feature but it needs to be fed data to become more relevant. In other words, the suggestions you see on your homescreen will probably not be very relevant at first. The more you use the “Smart Stream” feature, the better these suggestions will become. For instance, if “Smart Stream” repeatedly suggests an action you never pay attention to, this suggestion will disappear from your homescreen. It might take a while before “Smart Stream” learns from your habits and starts showing more relevant suggestions.

Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land describes himself as an early adopter of Yahoo Aviate. He describes Aviate as being very similar to Goolge Now and makes a very interesting point by asking why Android users would switch to Yahoo Aviate when Google Now is the by default feature on Android phones. Besides, Yahoo Aviate is designed to drive searches to Yahoo! which is not ideal for users who prefer Google search results or who want to use their Google account and EasyVSL 2.0 members will be able to engage their visitors.

“Smart Stream” aims at differentiating Yahoo Aviate from Google Now. It does succeed in a few areas, for instance by launching music apps when headphones are plugged in, a smart feature that is missing from Google Now. Providing users with intuitive suggestions might make Aviate more interesting than Google Now but it is still too similar to Google Now to convince users to manually switch.

Yahoo Aviate does offer something interesting to users by organizing apps and widgets in a convenient and stylish way. Aviate is really a pleasure to use with its gorgeous aesthetics.

Here are a few examples of suggestions “Smart Stream” might make:
– If you use apps like Foursquare or Yelp to check-in at restaurants, rate them or write reviews, these apps will automatically appear on your homescreen when you are in a restaurant.

– Information cards on nearby activities and points of interests will appear based on your location. This is great if you are visiting an unknown part of town!

– Plug your headphones in and your favorite music apps will appear on your homescreen. You no longer have to dig in your phone to find the app you want.

– If you always check your calendar after your emails, your calendar will automatically pop up when you are done with your emails once “Smart Stream” has learned a little about your habits and EasyVSL 2.0 users can use this information to create great videos.

– The information displayed on your homescreen is also based on current events. For instance, you can have “Smart Stream” display scores and updates whenever a game is taking place.

– The time of the day also determines what you see on your homescreen. “Smart Screen” will for instance display information about the weather and the top headlines in the morning, show traffic updates during your commute and show your meetings for the day when you get to work.

Yahoo Aviate is highly customizable. The homescreen allows you to display your top ten apps and adding or removing apps is very easy. You can also customize Aviate with wallpapers, custom themes and icon packs. The information displayed can also be customized. You can for instance choose your favorite contacts, create personalized reminders to pay bills and show customized alerts such as tracking updates for your latest purchase.

Navigating Yahoo Aviate is a pleasant experience. You will see your top ten apps and suggestions from “Smart Stream” on your homescreen. You can swipe up to see your most frequent and favorite contacts and swipe left to see your Spaces. Space is where your widgets and app collections can be accessed from. The apps and widgets displayed in Spaces change throughout the day in function of your habits and EasyVSL 2.0 users will be able to market their sales videos across multiple platforms.

In spite of its gorgeous aesthetics, convenient interface and intuitive suggestions, there are still some drawbacks to Yahoo Aviate. The first one is that search cards lead to Yahoo! search results, which is not an ideal experience for users who prefer Google searches or who would rather be logged in to their Google account when they navigate the Internet. The second issue is that Yahoo Aviate allows you to use two screens for your apps and widgets. The space on the homescreen is somewhat limited by the suggestions form “Smart Stream” and the Spaces page rotate your apps and widgets during the day, which is not convenient if you want to access an app you would usually not open at this time of the day. Having only two screens for apps and widgets can be an issue if you need to access several apps on a daily basis. The third main issue with Yahoo Aviate is that “Smart Stream” does not always make good suggestions. In a perfect world where everything suggested by “Smart Stream” was relevant and helpful, there is no doubt that Yahoo Aviate would become an instant favorite over Google Now. However, seeing your homescreen cluttered with suggestions that are not relevant to what you want to do or what you are interested in is definitely not a good experience.

Yahoo Aviate introduces an interesting feature with “Smart Stream” and the aesthetic and convenient interface can make Yahoo Aviate a good alternative to Google Now for some users. However, “Smart Stream” definitely needs to be improved to make better suggestions and Aviate could benefit from some additional room for apps and widgets.

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